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If Everything is Energy

Oct 27, 2022 | Daily Trek, Unleash

Everything is Energy - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Everything is Energy

Quantum Physics tells us that everything is energy. Our thoughts are waves filled with powerful energy. 

Energy flows and changes form. And we are an integral part of universal energy. Since everything around us, including us, is energy, we are connected with everything. The energy we send out comes back to us; often, with a mightier force.

There has been so much written about healthy eating. And also being mindful of the food we choose to ingest into our bodies. Having healthy nutrition and knowing the source of our food is necessary for our overall wellbeing.

And we’ve discussed the importance of becoming aware of the thoughts that feed us. And understanding the source of our beliefs, as well as whether they are healthy for our wellbeing, or not. 

What Fuels Us?

Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger discerned, “What we observe as material bodies and forces are nothing but shapes and variations in the structure of space. Particles are just schaumkommen (appearances).” 

Imagine becoming aware of what fuels us and what depletes us in every corner of our lives—from food to people and beliefs. What if we begin to see every transaction in our lives as a transfer of energy? 

For example, when we tell our body how exhausted we are, what is it that we’re creating? And, when we listen to someone complain about everything, and how hard life is, every time we meet, what are we inviting into our own life? 

Any energy we consume is made up of frequency and it flows through our everyday life; creating and framing our lives.  

What if Everything is Energy?

So, maybe it’s time to become aware of the words we choose—when we read, talk and create meaning?

Many are choosing to leave behind a life filled with worry and fear. When we are fully in harmony with our energy, compassion simply shows up. We no longer judge when we can create meaningful conversations. And when enough of us focus our energy on our creations, shifts will simply take place because we birth what we need.

As more of us step into our power and embrace who we truly are, we will also accept each other without judgment or blame.  This is when our human experience can truly begin to flourish and grow. Our energy flows to where we place our attention.

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