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Not At Our Own Expense

Oct 19, 2022 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

Not At Our Own Expense - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Not At Our Expense

Do you do things at your own expense? While we are taught to “suck it up,” we can simply choose to spend our lives feeding our curiosity and soul. And change is part of the flow of life so we can choose not to do anything at our own expense.

Mark Twain reminds us: “Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.”

Not only are there 8 billion people on this abundant planet, there are also many opportunities that may first appear a bit scary but are equally available to each of us. 

I have met youth living in some of the darkest slums on earth who inspired me more deeply with their visions of life than people in the boardrooms I frequented in Silicon Valley, London, Singapore, Tokyo, or Toronto.  The youth taught me that we are enough and helped me see how blessed we are. I learned that in our current world, it is us who have manufactured problems to be solved. But the real opportunity is in living meaningful lives.  

Our Energetic Expense

Each of us has an ability to see the world with healthy eyes, as indigenous people do. A world that is sufficient, filled with intelligence, creativity, and mystery. 

When we find ourselves doing anything at our own expense, there are choices to be made. We have to reflect and ask ourselves why we are not taking care of our needs. And often, we need to simply get out of our own way.

Bob Dylan sang it in the 1960s: “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.”  

Learning how to truly take care of ourselves and being clear on what we need takes courage. And it is also based on questioning and letting go of other people’s stories, beliefs and fears. The emerging world is created by the bold creators. And is definitely a journey of the heart in alignment with our mind.

When we consciously choose not to do things at our own expense, we will find more than we expect. Creating our balance, practicing random acts of kindness, respecting ourselves are foundational. There are people all around us experiencing intense fear and desperation. But we are only responsible for how we show up and react.

Aligning with Our Center

The world’s problems were never ours to solve. And the same is true of wounds and traumas of people we may love. Each one of us has work to do to identify our greatest opportunities.

The youth I met were full of life and wanted opportunity to express themselves. They have so much to teach us about how truly blessed we are. This is our time to forge healthy paths that are waiting to be healed and written. And to do so, means having truthful dialogue within ourselves and breaking down the walls that keep us divided. 

When we stay open, it is easier to flow. The root of all is in our grasp of understanding ourselves. To grow, we have to let go. 

In the emerging world, instead of judging, we create—whether it’s a heart-centered conversation, a connection or a new venture. And as we navigate, we become aware that the price is too high to continue to do things at our own expense.

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