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Experiencing Work

Dec 8, 2022 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Experiencing Work - Ayelet Baron - Radical Trekking

Experiencing Work

We keep flowing forward, opening doors, experiencing new things, because curiosity leads us to new paths.

Many of us are focused on the purpose of our work and our ability to choose what makes the most sense for us in doing our work. And being able to have flexibility in working remotely is increasingly important.

The past is merely where we came from and there is no reason to stay attached when we can free ourselves by creating new ways of working.

Five Key Evolutions

In a recent Forbes article, Diane Adams, Chief Culture and Talent Officer, Sprinklr makes five predictions about the future of work. I’ve always loved Diane’s wisdom, and here are five key evolutions she sees taking place:

  1. Physical offices will serve as a place for purposeful gatherings and community building. “I predict great leaders will focus more on creating community and purpose, especially when gathering in offices or in person.” More of us are looking for greater purpose in our lives and having dialogue and connection in person when it is purposeful. 
  2. There will be a greater need for conscious leaders who fuel our hearts. “I predict that a kind, caring and high-performance culture will attract the best of the best.” Caring is becoming far more important as we see each other and our humanity.
  3. We will see more leaders building communities and seeing community management as part of a leader’s responsibility. “I predict the best leaders will recognize how remote work can be used to enhance belonging in the workplace, and they will be more intentional than ever in creating a safe, inclusive workplace.” Listening and two-way communication become increasingly important. 
  4. There will be more focus on the quality of work and creating breakthroughs. “I predict that we will start to see a shift toward the shorter work week in the near future, with this concept being more fully realized and accepted in the next two to three years.” More of us care more about living our purpose and creating healthier ways of working.
  5. Resting, pausing and fueling are key to mental health. “I predict that the practice of “mandatory vacations” will continue to grow as organizations see the benefits to productivity and morale that result from such collective resets.”

Experiencing Everything

When we have questions, someone listens. When we unravel complexity, we connect with our work and maybe we will also call it play. The future is about creating more playgrounds where we get to experiment and thrive. 

The future is about conscious leadership, dialogue, connection and communities.

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