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Facing What’s Real

Oct 17, 2023 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Facing What's Real - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Change happens when we stay present with what’s real, instead of running from it. Clinging to old ways or fears harms us. Imagine you’re the sky, expansive and limitless, and let go of the clouds that pass by, whether they are thoughts, fears, or judgments.

It’s natural to want to protect ourselves; it’s part of our conditioning to seek safety. But let’s separate our actions from who we truly are at our core. While many of us have been influenced by false beliefs or stories, we have an opportunity to find our own voice and become clear on what is healthy for us.

Real living starts when we swap out our illusions for what’s real. If someone says “it can’t be done” or “that’s just the way things are,” how we act next is where our true power lies. Instead of waiting for some elusive future, be present. When someone challenges our thinking, it’s not an attack but a chance to gain insight into what really matters to us.

Listening and truly understanding is a powerful act, yet not always easy. We often listen colored by our own experiences and preconceptions. But can we  engage deeply? Because everything needed for wellbeing is already here.

Be attentive to yourself and the world around you. If you’re feeling down or uneasy, remember that’s just a momentary state, not who you are. You are the observer, not what you’re observing.

Many struggles come from fear. The path to change lies in observing without judging, not in fixing things. Do it for yourself; no one else will. Live your life, not based on what others expect but on what feels true for you. You’ll find a new sense of freedom.

Suffering happens when we identify too strongly with any one aspect of life, inside or outside. The moment you let go of these identifications and illusions, you come into touch with a healthier you and a clearer view of the world. In that clarity, fear loses its grip.

Being wise is not about drawing from past experiences; it’s about being fully alive here and now. Look at animals, for example. They naturally know what is healthy for them because they are in tune with their surroundings. They’re not overthinking or grappling with inner conflicts. They offer us valuable lessons on living in balance.

Animals in their natural habitat don’t overeat, get overweight, or consume unhealthy things. They exercise just enough. Nature doesn’t rush.

But humans have lost this instinct. We get stuck in our mechanical thoughts, racing from one thing to the next. Unlike animals, we deal with inner conflict and often drown in guilt and self-condemnation.

While many of us might strive for things that nourish the soul, what’s real is we’re also grappling with difficult and often painful situations every day.

Emotional and physical wellbeing can sometimes feel like a luxury when we’re dealing with crises, loss, or social injustice. But that’s also why taking even small steps toward a balanced, healthy life matters. And community is becoming much more important than ever; one where we can be ourselves without a false sense of safety.

What does it mean to “actually live” in a world filled with complex issues? It means engaging deeply, even when it’s hard, and taking active steps to contribute. We can no longer be silenced or divided when we truly listen to our inner guidance.

In a world where the ground often feels like it’s shifting under our feet, hanging on to what is in our control—our actions, our pain, our voice—becomes all the more crucial.

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