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February 2023 Crossroad

Jan 27, 2023 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

At the February 2023 Crossroad - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

An Inviting Crossroad

Many of us are at our own crossroad. What if everything is on track to change, including the chaos and uncertainty? Maybe nothing shocks us anymore? We each are experiencing our moments at this crossroad. It all comes down to our perspective.

Everything may feel overwhelming but that’s what may happen for some of us when we are facing crossroads. Where we are headed, instead of wanting to plan or control everything, we trust ourselves and allow ourselves to be curious and courageous.

When there’s nothing to win or lose anymore, experiencing and experimenting become superpowers. Isn’t it funny that balance, harmony and peace can feel so uncomfortable at times because we’re so conditioned to conflict? And yet, that’s where many of us are headed.

Ease and Grace

What we’re discovering is that there is no longer a need to fix people in our lives or a need to offer advice to anyone who will listen. We have outgrown teachings from others. And yet, there are so many still stuck in constantly seeking answers from the experts but no one is an expert on us. We are being asked to become fully conscious of everything—and step into our power. And at this crossroad, we open ourselves up to opportunities instead of problems.

Maybe we are here to experience compassion, humility, anger, confusion, fortitude, purity of heart, joy, sadness, excitement, anticipation, and the highs and lows of our health? Perhaps it is about experiencing life and walking the path of the unknown?

Harboring anger, judgment, shame, guilt, anxiety, hostility and other vices the world offers can change our path. But we are in charge of our reactions by being aware and conscious. We get to choose how we experience something or someone and whether we open or close our minds and hearts.

While chaos may be exploding around us, we get to choose whether we are charged or emotionally neutral by trusting our own navigation system. And there may be unrest within our own world where we experience an evolution of relationships—understanding who creates with us. 

Many of us are learning this month that our longing for community and meaning can sometimes lead us astray and sometimes, we encounter a false sense of belonging. Any situation or person that demands that we change parts of ourselves to be accepted is limiting us. This is why this month is about being aware of our attachments. Maybe time in nature can rekindle our true belonging to a greater mystery of life? 

At the Crossroad

In a world where trust is on shaky grounds, our ability to navigate this currency in our lives becomes increasingly important. At the crossroads, can we become aware of what and who brings peace into our lives?

What if there is no special person or group that has all our answers? The gurus may instructs us to “be positive” but why can’t we simply be ourselves? When we trek into the unknown, no one can teach or instruct us apart from experience. Maybe open dialogue and conversations with people who accept us as who we are become more our vibe?

And as we experience increasing chaos, collapse and breakdown in the external world, we can’t stand still. The more we resist, the more conflict and fighting we experience. This is why it was foundational to flow in January and accept uncertainty. Being our authentic self means freeing ourselves from the opinions of others and rules that no longer resonate with us. Tenacity is key. 

 When we meet the road of inner peace and choose to explore it, we allow ourselves to experience as many crossroads as we need. This February, the words of Ernest Hemingway suggest that “at the most important crossroads in our life, there are no signs.” What we create with his words, or not, is entirely up to each of us. What can we unlearn and learn for our own health?

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