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Forecasts for the Future (Part 1)

Feb 4, 2022 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Forecasts- Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Part 1 of Forecasts for the Future

There is so much that is possible that we can envision when we start focusing on what can change over the next 5-10 years instead of what’s broken or not working. Here are some observations as a way to connect more entrepreneurs, change-makers, visionaries and creators and solicit further development.

These observations go beyond the traditional technology trends most futurists focus on and incorporate living systems, timeless technologies and ideas still on the cusp of breakout in a world that is emerging that serves that vast majority of us.

#1 Opportunities Unlock the Future

Almost every conscious leader starts with a need and an awareness of the opportunities being presented to us. Sometimes there is no deep strategy; just being open to the possibilities as they meet us. Often, someone else’s challenge can be our greatest opportunity when we pay attention and become fully aware of our deep purpose! And it is incredible when we are able to start to truly collaborate in ways that we never imagined possible. While I am hearing more and more stories of people somehow finding each other and creating together, the hunger for this happening is also increasing as we become increasingly aware that there is another path (or the road less traveled).

There is an intersection between 1) an initial advantage like ideas, resources, skills and even luck, and 2) a shift taking place in the mainstream that opens up new pathways on the edges.

When our goal is no longer to make more and more money, at the expense of ourselves and people, we will create new models and ways of living that not only support us but bring together healthy communities of customers, partners, employees and the creator economy. The old ways are dying right now and will require a deep rewiring of beliefs, trust, communication and so much more.

Opportunities truly unlock the future, especially when we have a blank canvass of possibilities.

#2 A Blank Canvass

It’s is not about re-imagining or re-inventing or re-considering. It’s about having a blank canvass and bringing along what works and letting go of what doesn’t by creating what we need right now, right here. If you are in the business of trying to making things better or saving what’s breaking, you are in a dying paradigm. This is not the time to apply more lipstick to an already irritated bulldog.

We are each being asked whether we want to continue to live in the current paradigm of fear, suffering and misery or say, enough. There are approximately 180 million people on the planet that have stepped out of the current societal conditioning to embrace what’s possible when it comes to living a healthy life and creating healthy systems that serve us. You won’t hear about us in the mainstream news, which has been designed to spread more fear and division in our lives. 

Each one of us can choose where we place our attention. It’s up to you whether you continue to take sides and live in society’s current definition of right and wrong, or step into possibilities. Everyone has an opportunity to become aware of the blank canvass that is patiently waiting for us to understand why we are here on this beautiful blue planet. 

There are global pioneers like Michael Strong and Archana Parsai Gehlot who are each revolutionizing education with incredibly healthy paradigms that redefine learning. Shamini Dhana is imagining and creating a sustainable future of fashion. Joe Brewer openly shares his transformative work around Regenerative Agriculture. Dr Natalie Leigh Dyer and Dr Mario Beauregard are two neuroscientists launching, a social network for building real-life, in-person communities to create a healthier, more conscious world.

Jose Leal is providing new business models around self-management and Radical Purpose. Kim Wright is offering Conscious Contracts to the next generation of lawyers.

Ahad Bandealy created Get A-Head® with a team of mental health experts to combat some of the barriers we face in getting care. His is a healthy system that is now helping not only students but also musicians, athletes, and employees. Carol Chapman and Christopher Drummond are helping us tap into our hearts with their breakthrough platform.  And I will be sharing many more tales from the trek in the future (and hopefully yours!). 

#3 The Veil of Reality is Lifting at An Increasing Pace

There are many 10-year predictions on the coming merging of humanity with technology and instructing us to get ready for this so-called Revolution where humans are attempting to replace themselves with their inventions and innovations. But we forget that we are in charge of our own humanity.

Artificial intelligence (AI)  is nothing more than a human creation. It was developed and is being used globally every time we pick up our mobile device. It is buried into the fabric of society when we accept free services or goods on the internet. The largest use of AI today is to provide businesses with targeted information about consumers who would buy their products and services.

AI has huge capabilities to assist us when we are in charge and it depends on the focus it is used for. But it will be our choice whether we integrate AI or let it rule us. If we truly want to continue to evolve, we need to understand what true human intelligence looks like and feels like when witnessing it in another. Deeply intelligent people are balanced and whole—heart and mind. There is no need for competition or fighting each other to be the best any longer or to fear AI when we write the rules and own our power. We can choose whether we want to spend out precious time in artificial environments or step out the door and be part of Nature. 

More of us are starting to question why we have become so focused on progress when at the same time, we are not taking impeccable care of ourselves, each other and our planet. The shift that will take place over the next 5-10 years is more people will stop giving authority to “leaders” and institutions that no longer support our wellbeing. Our relationship with time, money and work will dramatically shift as a result. 

As 2022 is the Year of Choice, it will provide opportunities to make healthy choices about the very fabric of our life. And as we start shining light on our darkness, through massive unlearning we will become clear on what to focus on. By the end of 2023, more people will be making much different choices and creating healthy pathways. Then, 2023-2026 will require us to experiment and practice new ways of living (and working).

No more hiding in the dark corners. Once we start questioning everything, the veil of reality is slowly revealed. We will no longer accept the status quo and move to the edges of what’s possible by making conscious choices around what matters most. This new world that emerges in 2027 is ours to not only imagine but also create.

A world of healthy creators is emerging.

Tomorrow, I will share in Part 2, the next observations. What do you think makes your world fun, authentic, and surprisingly exciting? What are your forecasts?

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