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Building the Foundation for Our Future

Sep 3, 2022 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Building the Foundation for Our Future- Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Building the Foundation

It’s time to examine our foundation and consider we may need a healthier one to support us. But it’s also not easy to make choices and walk away from what we have known as normal or safe. Not everyone is ready to trek into the unknown and the media will most likely not report on who is answering the call.  

The question is not so much what are we letting go as what are we walking towards? Letting go of who we think we are requires effort, dedication, determination, focus, humility, vulnerability and unshakable integrity. Building the foundation takes intention +effort.

Integrity is a cornerstone of this time and it starts with being honest with oneself. Learning to be true to ourselves sets the tone for years to come. The world around us may be filled with deceptions, lack of authenticity and superficial success but it doesn’t mean we need to continue to accept it.

The time has come to face our shadows and change these stories—not by fighting them but by taking personal responsibility for our own life. 

A Time for Building Our Foundation

This is a time to observe (not judge) our foundation, which means examining our beliefs, relationships, and life itself. Who do we surround ourselves with? Who are our true friends? Are our personal and professional relationships grounded and healthy? Does the way we present ourselves to the world reflect how we feel inside? Are we willing to take the first steps into a new world that is opening up? 

The future belongs to those who step into our power with integrity. It is time to build a healthy foundation. And it’s time to define safety and our comfort zone because everything is about to change when we do.  

A vital part of becoming whole requires understanding what our calling is in the world, and how much easier it is to connect with each other when we have the courage to ask new questions, meet different people, and follow our greater purpose. We can create new stories, ones that are more grounded in reality and are better aligned with who we really are. 

Georgio Trimarchi is an incredible healer who shares with us that “The contention and illusion of battle is a reflection of our social pulse. Tension energy resonates throughout everyone. Worldwide, people collaborate in this pulsating tension as … the beginning of a new day nears. 

Ardent heartbeats vibrate in the soul to prepare for a voyage of peace and harmony with everyone. Break away from the model that was created by the social community and carry forth your truth for others to see.  

Open your eyes to the calmness and the reality unveiled. Allow trust to permeate your heart to allow life to unfold to its fullness. Now, demonstrate a new way and others will follow. As health concerns grow, people seek a deeper truth that will unleash the spirit unto its rightful freedom.”

What foundation are you setting now?


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