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From Spectators to Navigators

Jun 14, 2023 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

From Spectators to Navigators - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

From Spectators to Navigators

Some days, we might feel like spectators watching the grand finale of a Shakespearean play. Amidst this, the deafening noise of the madness of so called world leaders takes center stage in our external world.

And indeed, do we choose to be spectators to a play of global proportions, watching as leaders take the stage and shadows of corruption unfold from Silicon Valley to Epstein’s island; Or not? It feels like an unsteady ride, and the choice of our engagement level lies in our hands. So, where do we place our focus and trust?

Sensationalism rules today’s media, sacrificing truth for entertainment. This trend feeds us superficial stories, encouraging a shallow grasp of reality and quick assumptions.

However, we’re at a crucial crossroads, balancing on the edge of history. Our capacity to shape political, ethical, economic, and philosophic institutions will determine how well we create opportunities, create living systems, and avoid traps and seductions.

The true crisis we face is internal, a clash within ourselves between altruism and hubris. Recognizing our egoism, and need to fight and win, as a root cause of turmoil allows us to spark healthy change. This self-awareness helps us align our ecology towards a healthier future.

Shaping our Reality as Creators; Not Spectators

However, the power in the status quo often leads to arrogance and a misguided sense of superiority. This creates a storm of conflicting realities and turbulence. But this is a passing phase, merely growing pains brought on by a significant shift in our perspective.

We’ve experienced similar turbulence before. Transitioning into the industrial age brought its share of abuse, violence, and dislocation. Now, we’re entering a rocky journey for a while. But we get to choose our level of engagement on this wild ride.

What’s vital is our discernment of truth and our resistance to divisive arguments, theories, and beliefs. These accelerate separation, so instead, let’s learn to swim against the current of untruths, seductions, distractions, clickbait, and consumerism.

News, relentless and unstoppable, continues to reveal the long-standing corruption of power and attempts to keep us fighting an divided.  Is it possible, however, to choose not to engage in divisive squabbles or adopt positions that fuel separation?

If we knew our water supply was poisoned, would we keep drinking it? Can we not consume fabricated projections of personalities? What if our real job here is to be creators in real-time, driving the narrative, not just spectating. It’s in our hands and hearts.

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