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Future of Healing: 3D Printing Custom Prosthetics

Nov 29, 2023 | Daily Trek, Tales from the Trek

Future of Healing: 3D Printing Custom Prosthetics - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Future of Healing: 3D Printing Custom Prosthetics

Maybe the future of healing includes medical professionals using 3D printers to create colorful, custom prosthetic limbs for children. Perhaps we create environments that capture the spirit of innovation and hope, with a focus on advanced technology enhancing patient care.

3D-printed prosthetics and medical products bring customization and cost savings. Yet, regulatory and financial barriers challenge their healthcare integration. To overcome these, regulatory bodies, healthcare providers, and insurers must work together. This collaboration will unlock 3D printing’s full potential in enhancing patient care and a future of healing.

In a world where innovation often outpaces regulation, the story of 3D-printed prosthetics exemplifies how technology advances healthcare. At a gathering at Johns Hopkins University Hospital, a significant dialogue unfolded between a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulator and experts in medical technology. This exchange revealed a compelling narrative about the intersection of technology, regulation, and human wellbeing.

3D printing, a groundbreaking technology, has been leveraged to create prosthetics, especially for children with limb deficiencies. Organizations like e-NABLE, a network of volunteers, use 3D printers and open-source designs to craft custom prosthetic limbs. These creations are not only functional but also personalized with designs inspired by superheroes, bringing joy and confidence to children and their communities.

Approximately 40,000 e-NABLE volunteers across over 100 countries collaborate and use open-source designs to provide free hands and arms to an estimated 10,000-15,000 recipients, primarily in underserved communities with limited access to medical care. These volunteers embody the spirit of “Giving the World a Helping Hand.”

Future of Healing: Asking Healthy Questions

At the heart of this story is a critical debate: the legality of such innovations under current US law. While these 3D-printed prosthetics offer immense benefits, they technically fall into a regulatory grey area. The FDA, tasked with overseeing medical devices, faces a dilemma. Should they adhere strictly to existing regulations, or adapt to accommodate such life-enhancing technologies?

“So I debated this FDA regulator, which oversees medical devices in the United States, and I asked this doctor. I said, doctor, there are amazing things happening in this hospital today. I would call them technological miracles. But correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t everything that is happening here with these 3D printers completely illegal under current law?”—Adam Thierer

The FDA’s response was unexpected. Instead of enforcing rigid regulations, they issued guidance for 3D-printed prosthetic technologies. This approach reflects a shift towards what Adam Thierer terms “experimental administration.” Rather than imposing top-down control, the FDA provided guidelines to ensure safety while encouraging continued innovation.

This story is more than just about technology. It’s about how flexible governance fosters a future of healing. When faced with the choice between strict regulation and supporting innovation that improves lives, the FDA chose a path that both safeguards public health and nurtures technological progress.

This approach not only benefits those in need of prosthetics but also sets a precedent for future technological advancements. It’s no longer just about the money but access to opportunities for a future of healing deep divides.

In a broader context, this is a healthy approach to governance in a rapidly evolving world. It showcases how agencies can adapt to technological advancements, ensuring safety without stifling what is needed. This balance is essential for creating a world where technology enhances human lives, driven not by the pursuit of profit but by the desire to create a path of healing.

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