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Future of Work 2023

Nov 22, 2022 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Future of Work 2023 - Ayelet Baron - Radical Trekking

Future of Work 2023

I was recently asked to share “predictions” on the future of work 2023 and it will probably not surprise you what I shared.

“An increasing number of us are questioning everything and major shifts are taking place as we understand that no one is coming to save us. Leadership is not outside ourselves and this is a time of conscious leadership.

Is it time to begin focusing on the realities of the future of work and life proactively? Simply have in mind how we would like our relationship with work and life to be and hold that vision. When we choose to do so, it becomes easier to manifest new beginnings and let go of the past.

Many people—from employees to managers and executives—are questioning the future of work. Sure, there is the reality of paying bills and this world reminds us all the time of our connection with money. But there is an undercurrent taking place that will not stop when it comes to living meaningful lives. With continued staffing issues in front line jobs, the people in charge are starting to feel worn out.

Organizations have been slow to create thriving cultures that respect people and the cracks are showing up everywhere. Being on the defensive and offering solutions will not stop the bleeding that is going on right now. This is a time to see opportunities and create healthy ways of working and living. And it’s in our own hands to be architects of the future, not its victims.”


Nick Lynn, Principal at WTW shares that the future of work 2023 focuses on our wellbeing. “The focus on wellbeing will evolve to be about “resilient agility.” Wellbeing and burnout are hot topics and many companies are introducing programmes and apps to help individuals. But they’re not enough to deal with the root causes. In the next year, the conversation about wellbeing will evolve into one that’s focused on “resilient agility” instead.

For leaders, this means embracing change positively and strengthening the social connections between people. From an organisational perspective, it involves re-thinking how work gets done, by whom or what, when, and where.

Putting resilience and agility together is a mindset shift for many leaders. It requires leaders to respond constructively to change and to sustain the level of energy of those around them.”

Integration of AI

Anna Mamalaki, Organizational Effectiveness Director at Business the Human Aspect LLC. sees the future of work 2023 about integration. “There will be an increased integration of AI in many aspects of work. And also in everyday life. This will release employees and associates from mind load and will shift emphasis to more empathetic behaviors required from them.

This will change the requirements in the full employee life cycle (recruitment, development etc.), in conjunction with a need for altering the management processes.

Organizations will need to redesign themselves to appeal not only to these needs but also respond to a new external context of operation. The external conditions will be demanding. Increased corporate social responsibility and controlled operational efficiency will be prevalent. Revisiting the way corporations are designed and operate will be the core emphasis during this year.”

Employee Experience

Jonathan H. Westover, Managing Partner and Principal at Human Capital Innovations, LLC. believes the future of work 2023 is about the employee experience. “As we move headlong into an extended period of economic uncertainty, the labor market will soften a bit, but the skills gap will remain.

Amidst the extremely tight labor market we have been experiencing, employers have focused much more on employee experience, and organizations shouldn’t lose that focus in 2023.

With employee burnout and mental health challenges at an all-time high, with more and more workers (particularly young people) trying their hand at the gig economy. And with a growing gap between what workers want (remote and flexible work) versus what organizations want (people back in the office), it is still going to be challenging for organizations to find top talent, especially in technical fields.

Focus on the holistic employee experience, make sure your people feel truly needed, wanted, and valued, with the opportunity for continued professional growth and to contribute in meaningful ways each and every day, and you and your team will be strategically situated to attract, retain, and engage talent that will drive continued innovation and bring value to the market.”

You can find more predictions here.

My Wish

I wish we would be asked more about the future of life, which is what my “predictions” continue to share. Life is to be experienced and much will shift when more of us step into our power of creation. And as we create play grounds in our lives, creation lights up our world with ease and flow.

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