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Transforming the Future of Work

Aug 1, 2022 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Transforming the Future of Work - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

The Future of Work is Here

Is it time to begin focusing on the realities of the future of work and life proactively?

Simply have in mind how we would like our relationship with work and life to be and hold that vision. When we choose to do so, it becomes easier to manifest new beginnings and let go of the past.

Many people—from employees to managers and executives—are questioning the future of work. Sure, there is the reality of paying bills and this world reminds us all the time of our connection with money. But there is an undercurrent taking place that will not stop when it comes to living meaningful lives.

With continued staffing issues in front line jobs, the people in charge are starting to feel worn out. Organizations have been slow to create thriving cultures that respect people and the cracks are showing up everywhere. Being on the defensive and offering solutions will not stop the bleeding that is going on right now. This is a time to see opportunities and create healthy ways of working and living. And it’s in our own hands to be architects and not victims.

Management has stepped into filling open positions on top of their own workload, and it can only last so long. This is happening in healthcare, hospitality, construction, manufacturing, retail, food services, and any industry desperately looking for workers. And many managers and directors are choosing to also leave as a result of the increased burnout being experienced.

Value and Meaning Are Taking Center Stage

Loyalty to a company is shifting as more become loyal to our health and wellbeing, as well as our communities. Spending time living instead of working 24/7 is becoming a priority. 

Good will is hard to find when people are burned out and stressed. When our bodies ache from lack of sleep and stress, everything breaks down. 

The bottom line is we have an opportunity to move from reacting to this situation to architecting what is needed. And it’s most definitely not more of the same. 

No one wants to be treated like a statistic or a problem to be solved. Who doesn’t want to be treated with respect? 

This is a time where the human elements become far more important than throwing more energy at problems. Expectations on all sides need to shift when it comes to the future of work. 

Grounding the Future of Work

Organizations need to be realistic about workloads and ensuring people have what they need. It’s a two-way street that demands real transformation at the core. Until the sickness within business is healed, we will witness the disease spreading both within the system and among people.

Often, top executives are disconnected from the front line. But this is a time to pay attention and listen. This requires healthy thinking, architecting systems and building trust. It’s an opportunity to get to the root cause and engage in healthy dialogue of what is needed.

Many people are now understanding we need less and therefore are really looking at making healthy choices.  There are more and more stories of people at all levels leaving companies to less stressful positions. There is also a willingness to take a pay cut to value wellbeing.

And people who are being laid off are reporting slowly finding more meaningful opportunities. But it’s taking time to make sure the next work situation will offer what we need.

This is a time of endings and beginnings in every part of our lives. Ending stress and suffering and beginning to plant seeds so we can thrive.

New beginnings are available when we actualize our abilities and invest our energy in focusing on what we want for ourselves. This is our opportunity to become architects of humanity.

What are you ending and beginning when it comes to the future of work, and life?

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