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Healing Division

Jan 20, 2023 | Daily Trek, Unleash

Healing Division - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Healing Division

The biggest division we experience in the Western world is with Nature; thinking we are separate and often, superior. 

But we now find ourselves increasingly paying attention to ancient and sacred wisdom. We are creating circular and regenerative approaches as a way to be in sync with Nature.

Central Saint Martins, a renowned art and design school in London, is now offering an MA program in regenerative design. The program is designed to provide a holistic understanding of design thinking with ecological principles. The students learn how to design for positive impact, create circular systems, and work with natural processes to create regenerative products, services, and systems that improve the health of the planet.

When we also choose to collaborate with natural flows, and stop fighting and competing, we focus on our opportunities. After all, our opportunity is to weave indigenous and modern approaches to sustainable food production, for example, and environmental regeneration. 

Living Systems

The Khasi people, an indigenous tribe who live in the Indian state of Meghalaya, are known for using the roots of rubber trees to construct sustainable “living bridges.” They choose two trees growing on opposite sides of a river or stream. They then weave the roots together to create a structure that can withstand the heavy monsoon rains. 

These sacred bridges take several decades to fully mature, and once completed, they last for more than a century. UNESCO recognizes this approach as “an intangible cultural heritage of humanity.”

Indigenous approaches to regeneration focus on restoring and maintaining the health and balance of natural systems. They involve close observation of natural patterns and cycles, and a deep understanding of the relationships between different species and our environment.

Indigenous wisdom reminds us to find wonder and deep meaning in nature. And to remember our connection and ability to trust the currents. We are starting to appreciate the need for harmony in every aspect of our lives. Our mental health especially depends on it right now. 

Uniting with Nature

Indigenous cultures are known for having deep respect for the diversity of life and the environment. And this also applies to dialogue where different perspectives are valued and respected.

What if we view the world as interconnected, with all living being able to maintain balance and harmony? How can we tap into this wisdom when it comes to collaboration, cooperation and collective accountability? 

Can we create healthy environments where all voices are heard? And where we practice open communication, and we feel comfortable sharing from our hearts?

Approaches to regeneration focus on the environment and the social and cultural well-being of communities. Above all, we will need to tap into the natural wisdom keepers more and more to create healthy natural systems. 

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