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Healing Allows Us to Listen to Our Own Truth

Aug 26, 2022 | Daily Trek, Inspiration

Healing - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

A Time of Healing

It’s amazing how much healing is happening quietly in every corner of the world. We get to experience a little bit of everything right now. Some of us are excited about what’s possible, while many are overwhelmed and feeling lost. And what is happening is that sometimes part of our life gets caught in someone else’s confusion and stress. It is not always ours.

Some hope that things are going back to normal but there is no real stability or predictability. The only thing we can rely on right now is that everything will change and change again. And our healing lays in the choices we make.

What is needed during times of false security, fear and confusion is discernment and detachment. For those of us who are becoming aware that we have given our power away, it’s time to simply claim it through the choices we make.

This is a time of healing. Anger and more division are not the path forward. What if it is is actually a relief that we hold the power to transform through healing? Our wounds don’t need to come with us everywhere we go.

The Year of Choices of Discernment

Often we can benefit by pausing and practicing discernment, trusting ourselves so much that we know what choices to make for our wellbeing. Society may think there is only one way but we now know that we have potential and unrecognized opportunities to take a different trek.

Discernment is a healthy energy that helps us trust ourselves and tap into our inner knowing. And it has absolutely nothing to do with judgment or taking sides. Where we are headed in the unfolding world, we …

  • Give ourselves permission to show up as our true and authentic selves; filled with questions and whatever fuels us
  • Accept each other as who we are—as we embrace our own shifts along the way
  • Don’t force beliefs and values on anyone—because we might not agree but we understand that creation starts with pure dialogue, listening and understanding
  • Embrace opportunities and uncertainty

And when we do, the flow emerges and it is easier to get things in motion that may have been on hold. Because we open ourselves to connecting with people who have been going through a similar transformation. We begin to understand that we are not alone.

It is clear that this is an extraordinary moment of history because we are authoring the stories for ourselves and future generations. And yet, we create the hope we need by claiming our power and healing at our own pace. No one outside ourselves can do this work for us. 

Healing means we are able to shift from carrying the past with us to fully engaging with what is in front of us: a blank canvass sprinkled with rich experiences.

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