“Letting go means making space for your wildest creations.”



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Ayelet Baron

Author · Healer · Global Futurist

I have been described as a force of nature by individuals and organizations who have worked with me. Forbes recently recognized me as one of the world’s top female futurists. It came at a time when I am helping more and more of us imagine, design, shape and evolve our lives. I  love sharing my writing, insights and visions for our future and listening deeply to what is in your heart.

My work, as my books, are not for everyone. My purpose in this life is to offer medicine for the soul to anyone who needs help navigating through the turbulence and uncertainty of our world.

I help individuals and organizations that are ready to trek into the unknown, and stand within who you truly are. Having gone through my own transformation on my own, I now assist individuals in private sessions to let go of the limiting beliefs holding you back from embodying your authentic self and creating a healthy and meaningful life.

Having experienced the corporate world as  a successful global tech executive, I also work with select leaders, and bring my years of designing and implementing global strategies, to organizations that need help with teamwork, collaboration and community building. I am a master facilitator who loves to transform problems into opportunities.

I’m on an adventure of a lifetime helping conscious leaders around the globe walk our path to a healthy world, will you join me?

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You're in Transition

You know there’s more to life and are ready to trek into the unknown-you’re asking the hard questions and have a passion to blaze healthy trails

You're Health Focused

You’re looking for guidance in building trust, connection and relationships with yourself and your community

Are you ready to do the most rewarding work imaginable?

Face your fears, your wounds, your limiting beliefs and become more aware of opportunities around you. I will challenge you to experiment with the vast possibilities of your life, suggesting that each and every one of us has the ability to create a healthy life when we step away from how we should live our lives, and step into our own power with curiosity, compassion, kindness and courage.

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