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There is Always Hope

Mar 12, 2022 | Daily Trek, Tales from the Trek

Hope is Alive - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

There is hope that when we learn to address our limiting beliefs and conditioning, we can get more in touch with ourselves and understand what’s ours and what has been programmed into us.

When I was invited to speak at a conscious leadership summit in Aspen, Colorado, I met amazing people like Flicka Rahn and Tammy McCrary, who are truly creating something meaningful in the world. Flicka is an internationally-known vocalist, composer, and sound healer with a career in academia, and Tammy is an entertainment business executive and entrepreneur who established a community for artists at

Their music and sound healing are created at A=432 Hz. This is known as “Verdi’s A,” an alternative tuning frequency that is mathematically consistent with the universe. Music based on 432 Hz transmits beneficial healing energy, because it is a pure tone fundamental to nature and it allows sound to be received in a naturally harmonious, impactful, and coherent way.

Flicka and Tammy share their wisdom in their groundbreaking book The Transformational Power of Sound and Music and in Flicka’s and Daniel Wyman’s healing music for the heart. Their Icaros: Chakra Soundscapes ( helped me get grounded and is some of the best vibrational medicine for my soul.

When Flicka, Tammy, and Daniel were working with Doctors Who Rock, the doctors shared that they were simply transported by experiencing the music. The doctors felt that the sound healing helped them see fractals, sacred geometry, jewel colors, and other dimensions.

It created a sonic cradle of peace, which can only be achieved with live music carrying the uncompressed harmonics that flow through Daniel’s music and Flicka’s voice. All of this is organic and natural, and when tuned to A=432 Hz, is easily accepted and integrated into the physical body. The true healing took place with music as medicine for the soul.

Their body of work resonated with me because I had learned from Eduardo Marturet, the maestro and music director of the Miami Symphony Orchestra, that when observing nature, you find that the Golden Ratio, derived from the Fibonacci sequence, is everywhere and appears in the foundation of art, beauty, and life—even in your DNA.

Eduardo shared that when a child with disabilities listens to his album @Zaha’s Place, they not only immediately connect with the music subconsciously, but their overall well-being improves. Music is a powerful unifying tool, and there are incredible people building pathways to bring our hearts and minds together in harmony.

Hope is alive and available to each of us. It flourishes at the beginning of change, transformation, and creation. You just need to clear the way to spark your imagination.

The journey of life takes us through a range of experiences to see how we respond to changing situations. It’s like a video game with challenges that come to test you and see how you deal with unexpected obstacles and perceived attacks. You keep repeating the same scenario and situations until you learn enough to go to the next level.

You don’t have to relive the past to achieve—only understand the game and improve your skills to go on and be challenged by another set of obstacles. When you are not invested in the outcome, you open yourself up to receive more information and to welcome the unknown.

If you are curious to learn more, you can listen to Flicka and Carol Chapman’s conversation on the award winning Hearts Rise Up Podcast. And Tammy’s conversation with Carol on how a healthy world starts with healthy artists.

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