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Human Decency

Sep 28, 2022 | Daily Trek, HeartPickings

Human Decency - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

What if human decency is no longer about manners or being right and wrong? In our emerging world, can human decency be about honesty and transparency?

Our words matter more than we know. Words can sting, attack, divide, shame and cause disease when they are brought forth with negative energy and intention. And, words can also uplift, heal, energize and unite when the intentions are loving and pure.

But words mean nothing without actions. 

The main breakdown in relationships is dialogue and the ability to be clear. We make way too many assumptions, instead of asking questions. And often, the voices in our head also get in the way when we don’t think things through. 

And when we live in a transactional world, trust is easily broken and things fall apart.

Imagine you have been dealing with a health issue for a while. Nothing has resolved your issue and you tried everything and every route. You meet a healer who says, I so want to help you feel better. You believe her. She says she will customize what you need to help you finally heal. You follow her instructions but it’s tough and you actually feel a lot worse and your inflammation increases. 

After a week, you check in. You question. And she says, oops I probably cut and paste the wrong instructions from someone else’s file while getting defensive. At that point, you know that she doesn’t really care about you or your health. You are just another customer (transaction) for her.  And she cares more about being right in her own mind than a long-term relationship.

The words “I really want to help you” become meaningless. And you were never in it together—caring means we literally have skin in the game. It’s not just a bunch of words strung together. 

Human decency means that we care and are mindful about our words and actions. Because that’s the only way to build trusted relationships.  As humans, every one of us screws something up at some point but how we respond matters. 

Who really wants to go through life, moving forward, going from transaction to transaction without any decency and accountability?

This is why identifying and weeding the unhealthy relationships in our life is foundational. But many of today’s conflicts would disappear if we truly talked and listened to each other; heart-to-heart. 

Imagine a world where we truly cared for one another. It takes hard work to care and claim human decency. And It is currently quite rare as it is easier to talk than create trust.

We may talk about saving the planet between long airplane trips to exotic destinations. Imagine a young activist shaming people for traveling. She mentions on a TV interview that people should not be choosing to travel to Fiji. The interviewer asks her when she traveled last and where did she go? Well, she smiles and says: Fiji, a month ago. There is a lot of “do as I say but not as I do” these days.

The shift that is happening when it comes to human decency in every aspect of life is from transactions to trusted relationships where our words align with our actions. Businesses, whether small or large, who adopt this shift will be creating regenerative relationships. We also get an opportunity to practice it on our daily lives.

Actions are everything when they align with our words and intentions. We are gifted a lifetime of practice to get into harmony.

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