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The Future of Humanity is in Our Hands

Nov 27, 2021 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Future of Humanity - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Our Humanity is in Our Own Hands

You may have heard Mark Zuckerberg’s recent announcement of their new corporate name Meta, where Facebook will be one service it provides, alongside WhatsApp and Instagram. Meta, according to him, “will be a transcendent alternate-reality utopia where you’re going to be able to do almost anything you can imagine.”

I won’t dive into where we are headed with all of this, yet. Apart from reminding each of us that when we step into our power, our future is human and aligned with every living being on the planet.

So far the most creative element that has come out of all of this has come from Iceland, with their new Icelandverse, which “is unlike any other open-world experience with “-verse” in name, because it’s real. Plus, you don’t need a funny-looking Virtual Reality headset.”

Humanity is Where We Are At

In their clever video, Iceland’s Chief Visionary Officer Zack Mossbergsson introduces “a revolutionary approach on how to connect our world without needing to be super weird or have an avatar in the video.

“Some said it’s not possible,” he shares. “Some said it’s out of reach. To them, we say, it’s already here.”

He points to a beautiful, snow-covered Icelandic landscape and says, “Seriously, look, it’s right here. We get to experience Iceland’s stunning landscapes under the Aurora Borealis — skies you can see with your eyeballs— complete with real rocks, real wildlife, real geysers, you can observe from a safe distance and a myriad of spectacular waterfalls.”

“The Icelandverse is a world with possibilities so endless they’ll be here forever,” says Icelandverse Zack at the end with an invitation:  “So join us today…or tomorrow…or whenever. We are really easygoing.”

Often, everything we need is already here when we open our eyes and hearts to what is possible. The message from Iceland’s Tourism is simple, “In our open-world experience, everything is real. It’s completely immersive, with water that’s wet. With humans to connect with.”

Imagine what’s possible when we tap into our curiosity, imagination, courage to be real and play. No escape needed when we lead with human experiences that connect us to our natural environment.

November 2021. Majorca, Spain

Ayelet Baron


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