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Ideas that Chart Our Course

Feb 27, 2024 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Ideas that Chart Our Course - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Ideas Are Abundant

Ideas are abundant. But what we do with them is the question. Experimenting with ideas is what counts.

Because ideas shape our lives when we choose to play.

Our current systems are collapsing all around us and for many it’s confusing. So much no longer makes sense but what is this is an opportunity for a brand new start?

Education often pushes conformity, not creativity.

Mainstream education teaches kids to conform and be like everyone else. But it’s not surprising because the people who invented this system were training us to work in factories—to fit in, comply and be good workers.

We’re taught to fit in and follow. This mindset promotes playing it safe. From the age of four or five, we’re taught to keep our head down and obey authority as the safest, easiest, and most rewarded actions.

Outliers have emerged, dressing differently and introducing new ideas, breaking the mold. Some have become icons and heroes to emulate. Historically, a clear division existed between leaders and followers. When we recognize leadership comes from within, we chart our own course. There’s no need to copy, envy anyone or buy into influencers.

Ideas that Chart Our Course

It’s time for healthy ideas. No longer waiting for someone else to lead or pick us.

Talking about ideas can help us create new paths, changing how we think and act. Instead of pitching, we explore and connect.

Ideas that Chart Our Course - Radical Trekking - Ayelet BaronWe focus on the potential of ideas, despite the challenges. Problems exist, but the focus is on exploring the idea itself. And we try and experiment like a child learning to walk. Always imaging what’s beyond the horizon. What happens when the sky meets the sea?

Ideas are more important than opinions. “I’ve come to learn that you have to make an extraordinary effort not to focus on the problems, which are implicated with any new idea. These problems are known. They’re quantifiable and understood. But you have to focus on the actual idea, which is partial, tentative, and unproven.”—John Ive

What if the people who inspire us are people who almost no one has ever heard of? Those of us without unlimited resources doing real work that we believe in. Not needing the spotlight, a megaphone or validation that we are special or superior.

No followers; just pure creation around ideas that matter. And we need ideas put into action in how we can lift each other up and learn how to play together. There is enough fear trying to tear us apart.

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