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Imposter Fraud

Feb 10, 2023 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

Imposter Syndrome and Fraud - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Imposter Syndrome and Feeling Like A Fraud

Many people with imposter syndrome, feel like a fraud. Our families stressed the importance of achievement and success to make it in this world. And society’s pressure to achieve also contributes to this state of suffering.

People in the 1800s wrote stories. Writer’s block did not exist before the 1940s. Writing was simply a passion and art form. But when rockstar novelists were born and prestige was assigned to writers, much changed.  Isn’t it fascinating that only writer’s are blocked as there is no such thing as a cashier’s block or chef’s block? 

People experiencing writer’s block see their work as inferior and fear someone may discover that they are a fraud. Did we invent this ailment as a way to stop us from writing and creating?

Feeling Like A Fraud

It’s estimated that 70 percent of us feel like a fraud at one stage of our life. Isn’t that way too many people walking around feeling like we may be found out to be living a false existence? And it’s a deep rooted fear that someone may uncover the secret that we are pretending to be someone we are not. 

Why does this happen? Because we have been taught to always compare ourselves to others. How do we know how good an athlete we are? How do we know our idea works? Let’s benchmark and show the world we are leaders and not laggards. Why have been conditioned to seek out metrics that “prove our worth”? And some of us believe we are never good enough.

We are hard wired. Many people fear public speaking, which is called Glossophobia, more than dying. Because the voice in our head that judges us constantly. Fear stifles us. And it doesn’t need to come with us, everywhere we go. 

Survival makes us afraid as does our need for constant safety. It’s easy to be stuck in fear and it’s not always as easy to say, enough and not constantly live in fear of being found out.

But imagine for a moment that we are no longer guided by illusionary success. And we turned down the dial on fear. Can we shift from competition-based systems to collaboration based ones with shared purpose? And can we also focus on our ability to stop fighting and truly be here for each other and ourselves knowing we are enough? 


When we choose to unlearn the key beliefs that were drilled into our head and find out what truly works for us, it’s simple. Unlearning enables us to get closer to clarity. And become aware that the concept of being found out is a limiting belief. 

As more of us slay the the voice in our head that tells us that we are a fraud or an imposter, we focus on who we are instead and what we bring to the world. 

So many people appear strong and yet inside is a totally different story where we may need a tune up of self-love. How can we let go of the burden of feeling like a fraud and become aware how magnificent we are? 

So much shifts when we understand that we can release ourselves from judgment. When we no longer live in judgment, as some of us do, there are authentic stories to create just as we are.  

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