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Doing Your Inside Job: What’s Calling You?

Nov 22, 2021 | Daily Trek, Inspiration

Doing Your Inside Job - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Doing Your Inside Job

When you awaken to your heart, you begin to write your own stories. What does that mean? You will find yourself consciously choosing to let go of old beliefs and patterns of separation, judgment and criticism of yourself and others. You will also no longer believe the old story of competition in which you were taught that achieving and being the winner at the top of the pile was the goal. 

When you can truly make space in your life, you will have a greater capacity to experiment and play instead of feeling the burden of success. You will no longer need to be a slave to a list of things you must accomplish during your lifetime, or day, week, month or year. Your true needs and intentions will become clear and you will operate in ways that are aligned to your well-being.  

You realize you are on your own journey, which means you can choose to no longer be a victim in someone else’s story. You are in charge and in control of every aspect of your life; even your uncertainty finds the courage to be vulnerable. But you don’t do things at your own expense as you know in your heart what and who is healthy for your wellbeing.

It’s a process of letting go of seeing our journey through the eyes of a powerless victim who must do certain things. No one or thing has control over you because you choose to write your own story and tap into your curiosity, imagination with courage. It’s perfectly okay to make mistakes because that’s how we learn and often it’s a gift that stops us from more heartache. 

What’s Calling You?

Take the time you need to pause, rest, feel whole, and become aware of when your concerns and worries are depleting your energy.  The more you live from your heart, in alignment with your thoughts and beliefs, the more you will experience harmony and peace, which will lessen your need to worry or fear what might happen.

It’s important to learn what has a hold of you so you can look it in the eye and have a conversation with yourself and decide whether you want it to continue to control you, or not? It’s up to you to clear the way and go forth in ways that call to you and perhaps have always called to you. Are you paying attention to what’s calling you?

Maybe you are being called to connect with someone you have not been in touch with for a long time. Perhaps the calling is to walk on the beach or in the forest and remember how much you enjoyed being in nature before you got so busy ticking everything off your to-list. Maybe the calling is to tap into your hopes and dreams and question what truly brings you joy. Maybe the calling is to listen to your heart and make it a regular practice.

Every one of us can experience a demanding life and see no way out of the burdens and challenges. But there are many of us here to share with you that there is another way when we do our inner work, our inside job and shed and release what no longer serves us. Can you lighten your mood to focus on what fun and enjoyment mean to you? Can you make time for what refuels and rejuvenates you?

There are so many opportunities to let go and play. Can you remind yourself not to take everything seriously?

Your heart will always guide you. It holds the key to who you really are at the core. It is the inside job.

Ayelet Baron

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