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Is A Remote Island in Ireland Calling?

Sep 7, 2023 | Daily Trek, HeartPickings

Is A Remote Island in Ireland Calling? - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Is A Remote Island in Ireland Calling?

Speaking of islands; ready for a fresh start on a remote island? How about swapping city noise for ocean waves?

Ireland is rolling out a one-of-a-kind offer. Picture this: you move to a quiet island, enjoy stunning ocean life, and even get financial help for it. Ireland wants to breathe life into around 30 remote islands off its coast. Recent headlines tell us they’re giving grants up to €84,000 to make the move.

Right now, these islands are mostly empty. Less than 3,000 people call them home. Some islands have just two people living on them! They’re far from the mainland and lack modern facilities.

There is a 10-year plan, called Our Living Islands, to pump resources, money and people into these remote islands. The vision? Turn them into lively, self-sustaining communities.

Currently, like in many remote places around the world, residents usually leave for bigger opportunities. Many young people move away for jobs or education. But here is an opportunity for anyone who this appeals to. And it’s not just for locals. Anyone can apply. But there are immigration laws to follow for foreigners.

There Are Many Remote Islands It Appears

So what’s the catch? The grant is for fixing up old buildings. These buildings need to have been built before 2008 and empty for at least two years.  And if you’ve recently taken on a renovation in Ireland, you know that €84,000 doesn’t stretch far, especially when you have to bring in building materials by boat. People who apply need to live in the property; it’s not for use as a vacation rental.

Ireland isn’t alone in trying to bring people back to empty areas. Ollolai in Sardinia and some parts of Sicily started the “houses for €1” program years ago. The deal sounds sweet: Buy a house for just €1. But there’s a catch. You’ll need to pay for the home’s renovation. This could cost at least €25,000, and you have to finish it within three years of moving in.

In a similar vein, Antikythera in Greece has its own incentive. New residents get a monthly check of €500 for the first three years they live on this scenic island near the Aegean Sea. Plus, they’re given a house and some farmland to start growing crops.

There are so many opportunities in our world. Most of us will not move to Ireland or Sardinia. But when we decide to listen to our hearts instead of fitting into predefined plans or enticing schemes, life takes on a new hue.

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