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It Doesn’t Matter

Mar 1, 2024 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

Good News: It Doesn't Matter - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

It Doesn’t Matter

The healthy news stands clear: “It doesn’t matter.” If someone doesn’t like you, or doesn’t see you in the light you wish to be seen, it truly doesn’t matter.

Paulo Coelho’s shines a light, “Bad news: you can’t make people love or be nice to you. Good news: it doesn’t matter.” This isn’t just about acceptance; it liberates us from the energy-draining quest for external approval and the impossible task of controlling others’ feelings toward us.

The perspective of one person or even a group about you doesn’t shape the broader picture of your life. This aspect beautifully underscores the power of choice and discernment. Some may opt to treat you one way, and others differently. Crucially, you hold the power to decide if and when these people play a role in your life.

We often invest significant effort in influencing others’ perceptions, hoping to be seen in a favorable light. This too often consumes our thoughts and depletes our energy. However, the truth is that not everyone is healthy for us and it’s personal. We get to become aware of what is anchored within us, nurtured by our beliefs, actions, and integrity.

Healthy News:It Doesn’t Matter

Acknowledging this shifts our focus toward what genuinely moves us, guiding us to explore and engage with our passions authentically. As we do this, the need for external validation naturally diminishes. Our interactions and relationships become more about exchange and connection rather than seeking approval.

This shift is more than just a change in perspective; it’s a healthier way to live. By letting go of the need to control how others perceive us, we free ourselves from unnecessary stress and conflict. We learn to prioritize our wellbeing and health, making choices that are in harmony with our true selves. Our wellbeing thrives not because others see us in a certain way, but because we are true to our values and desires.

Understanding that it doesn’t matter who likes us, frees us to focus on what we can create. We then consciously choose who and what matters in our life. And it takes experimentation since we are always unlearning and learning.

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