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“Lazy Girl Jobs”

Jul 31, 2023 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

"Lazy Girl Jobs" - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

“Lazy Girl Jobs”

The “lazy girl jobs” trend isn’t really about laziness, according to Suzy Welch, an NYU Stern Professor. Instead, it’s a reaction to anxiety among young people, a trend influenced only partly by overprotective parenting.

Riding on this wave, TikTok is buzzing with over 17.9 million views so far. Videos typically feature women revealing their laid-back, high-paying remote jobs. But the story doesn’t end here. It’s a continuation of ‘quiet quitting” and leaning out.

Gabrielle Judge, a TikToker, set this trend in motion, urging her followers to find a balance.She simply hit a low in spring 2021. Suffering a concussion and battling job burnout, she made a shift. She left her demanding consulting role to embrace a more relaxed one—a “lazy girl job.” Her intent was clear—to emphasize the importance of personal time and individual priorities over company needs.

Gabrielle stresses that these high-paying remote jobs can be productive, underscoring the importance of personal priorities. Still, it’s not just about overprotection or anxiety. The trend also signals a wider desire to steer clear of toxic work environments. It’s a collective shift away from oppressive workplaces towards roles that promote and respect balance.

To navigate this new job market landscape, TikTokers are advising each other not to overshare about their “lazy girl jobs” online. This helps avoid unwanted attention that could lead to backlash, and circumvent exploitative work cultures.

Lazy Girl Jobs Lean Out

According to Gallup’s Global Workplace report this year, six out of ten employees are not giving their best at work. The survey, with over 120,000 working adults, revealed a common grievance—a poor workplace culture.

Men aren’t exempt from these concerns. On Reddit’s “antiwork” community, they openly express dissatisfaction with their jobs—from boss-zillas to fear of taking time off.

While the “lazy girl jobs” label might seem unfortunate, it signals a transformation in work dynamics. More people are opting for remote jobs that allow for balance and help them steer clear of stressful, toxic work environments. But is it truly a healthy step towards safeguarding mental wellbeing and promoting growth in the modern workforce?

In this unfortunate influencer-led era of followers, there could be a bigger trend unfolding. High-stress, demanding jobs might require closer scrutiny. Perhaps, it’s time to define what ‘work’ actually means, focusing less on jobs and more on meaningful lives, all while discarding the ‘lazy‘ label. Maybe we can get to the heart of the matter?

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