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Simply Showing Up as Leaders

Aug 29, 2022 | Conscious Communication, Daily Trek

Simply Showing Up as Leaders - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

There is a saying about leaders that is attributed to many cultures and people (we’re not sure of the source) that says, the fish stinks from the head. I always thought it was a Yiddish saying but someone shared that it was Rumi in The Third Book of Masnavi who wrote, “Fish begins to stink at the head, not the tail.”

In business and politics, it means that when an organization is struggling, the likely cause comes from leaders.

While we love new shiny objects, not all are healthy for our wellbeing. Knowing how to use social media doesn’t make anyone a “better leader.”

Leaders who don’t know how to be authentic, real and conscious in communicating, won’t find the holy grail in using tools and platforms—even when we label them, social. 

One Size Doesn’t Fit All 

The following summarizes mainstream advice I came across for leaders who don’t know what to post on LinkedIn. Apparently, on Monday it is recommended that a leader shares why an article read over the weekend is significant. They say that Tuesday is a great day to give a shout out to a star employee. 

And on Wednesday, a leader should follow someone new and start a conversation with them. Thursday is a day a leader can share a proud achievement of the organization. And who knew that Friday is the day to share something personal accomplished during the week to the plan for the weekend?

This technique and formula is meant to get leaders comfortable with what content is appropriate when using social media. It is for anyone who wants “to know what to post and when as they gain new leads and relationships.” 

But seriously, the person who put together this template probably has the best intentions of wanting to help. However, we must question why our leaders don’t simply know how to communicate effectively and build strong, healthy relationships. 

It is not rocket science to lead with our humanity and integrate the tools at our disposal so we can connect deeply with pure intention and relevance. 

Cookie Cutters Only Work When We’re Baking

Maybe it’s  time for true conscious leadership and communication to emerge; not more of the same cookie cutter recipes?

When you know how to practice two-way dialogue, the tools don’t matter. It is in your essence as a leader to take responsibility for conscious communication and be a leader our world needs right now. 

And yes, trusted relationships are foundational and take effort and consistency. 

Imagine today and every day, every leader openly communicates, builds relationships and walks the talk. What happens when we take  an authentic interest in people and practice listening deeply? If there is any magic or stardust,  perhaps it is being ourselves and not delegating leadership responsibility to a function or tool. 

When we question, we begin to ask ourselves, is this really the truth? And what we need right now is radical honesty that creates greater meaning and traction.

And let’s remember, leadership is not outside ourselves. This world needs us to be the leaders we need in this very moment.

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