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Life is Messy

Dec 17, 2022 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

Life is Messy - Ayelet Baron - Radical Trekking

Life is Messy

“Life is messy. Get over it!” That’s the t-shirt for me. 

Life doesn’t always turn out as we expect. And as I have recently experienced, when things fall apart, we make space for what can emerge. And it is more than we have ever dreamed of. But it requires us to stand our ground and trust ourselves. To sail away from safe waters and discover true people who listen and support us with pure love and generosity.

Messiness teaches us who to trust and who is healthy for our wellbeing.

Our whole obsession with perfection is unreal as nothing is ever perfect. And when we let go of limiting beliefs, life emerges and is often beautiful and messy. It asks us to take a hard look at the mirror and become aware of what it is that we actually deserve. And teaches us to stop doing things at our own expense. 

I love messy, curious people. Ones who come alive and live out loud. There is no box big or small enough to fit messy people in. Only loads of empty canvases and pages where we can make a mess by experimenting. 

Messy Living Creates Opportunities

Driven by integrity and courage, there is no need for any rule books or manuals when it comes to living. We make it up as we go along. We treat each other like we treat ourselves. There are no rules to follow when we tap into our humanity and allow ourselves to be real.

Imagine if more and more of us can show up as who we truly are? What would our world look like? Who would come alive, no longer needing to hide?

Maybe one of the best gifts we can give someone right now is unscheduled messy time to experience together? Perhaps more messy conversations that unleash our wildest dreams by listening to each other’s hearts?

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