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Looking Ahead

Oct 2, 2023 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Looking Ahead - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Looking Ahead

Looking ahead to 2073, a whole new world emerges. Gone is the endless chase for “more.” Now, the spotlight shines on health and wellbeing, benefiting not just individuals and communities but also the planet. We are conscious of who gets our attention, energy and money.

Questions and dialogue stand the test of time. They are now part of integrated, healthy systems, powered by conscious technologies, that nourish us mentally and physically.

Recognizing our own power, we shake off the limits set by past conditioning. We choose to live, not in baseless fear, but in a state of informed truth. Welcome to a new playground for human potential, where the focus is on thriving together in a world we’ve consciously created.

Think about the homes of the future. We don’t struggle to build them; they grow organically, as we form communities. Constructed with eco-friendly materials, these homes are not just structures but living spaces that blend with the natural world. Imagine your house sharing its energy with the trees around it, as you share stories with your community. Instead of just smart cities, we have intelligent people who lead with purpose, not structure.

Our life is full of movement and true embodiment. We’re not always in a hurry. We’ve made time to walk through lush, revitalized parks where cars used to sit in gridlock and we were traffic. Public spaces have transformed into places of interaction and play. No reason to detox in Nature as we live in harmony with our physical environment. And there is no need for breaking news as we can talk to anyone in the world as we are no longer programmed or living in fear.

In this world, there is access to fresh, healthy food. With the rise of urban agriculture, your next meal might come from a vertical farm down the street or a community garden. Eating well isn’t a luxury but a part of daily life. And this healthy lifestyle extends to the workplace. Work-life balance is no longer a myth but an integrated reality, backed by us valuing wellbeing and creativity over mindless productivity.

Collaboration over competition is another game-changer. Instead of cutthroat rivalry, imagine workplaces where we lift each other up. Co-working spaces focused on social impact are abundant. There is simply life, where work is our playground to contribute and learn. We know who we are and our work no longer defines us.

And we focus on our greatest opportunities over endless fear and problems to be solved.

Looking Ahead to What We Created

Education is different, too. The next generation learns through immersive experiences and meaningful dialogue, not rote memorization. Kids venture into the world, eager to contribute because they’ve been nurtured in a system that values their unique skills and interests.

Imagine this future with me. It might seem far-fetched, but it begins with small changes in our mindset and actions now. A focus on health, balance, and community starts a ripple effect. Relationships grow deeper, communities flourish, and we design a future centered on both personal and collective wellbeing. We also engineer living systems that uplift the quality of our lives and serve as connected tissue of networks.

Breaking news, followers, and influencers lose their relevance. We celebrate the richness of our own experiences, realizing the narrative is not about life’s treatment of us, but how we engage with life. It’s a shift from following predetermined paths to charting our own course, embracing the adventure of the unknown. Welcome to the playground of life where your actions define the game.

So, while it’s true that future generations may not know us personally, they will feel the impact of our choices. Maybe that’s the legacy we should aim for—a world not cluttered with our discarded things, but enriched by our shared vision for a healthier, meaningful life as creators.

It’s up to us to create community over feeling alone. Picking harmony instead of conflict. Do we stick with self-criticism and idolize unreachable heroes, or recognize that each of us has the leadership qualities we seek?

Looking to the future, consider how your choices might leave an imprint on your future self, your community, and even people you’ll never meet. What does your playground look like? And what is your greatest opportunity? The playground of the future waits for your next move; make it one that counts.

Because imagine the world in 2073 where there is no longer a need to game the system or be better than anyone …

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