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Facing Loss Opens Us to Life

Aug 27, 2022 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

Facing Loss - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

On Loss

Dedicated to anyone facing loss on your daily trek; with love and compassion.

During times of transition, people come and go in our lives. Life and death are cycles; just like endings and beginnings or beginnings and endings. We cannot truly be alive without being aware of death and loss. 

And some of us are experiencing the decisions of love ones to leave the planet right now. And we are not only questioning what is going on but wanting to openly talk about why this is happening. We want more people to openly feel and be able to talk about anything and everything. And we never truly know what anyone is facing.

When we lose someone we love, no matter what the situation, our whole world can crumble. It creates an emptiness as we can’t yet imagine the world without them. Grieving is one of the truest human experiences that we ever participate in.

Whatever circumstances each of us is facing right now, there is loss, grief and sadness individually and collectively taking place.

It is a fact of life as we allow ourselves to feel a deep loss of what has physically ended in our own lives. 

Feeling Deeply Means Being Human

Whoever sold us the stories about happiness, only shared half the story. Because to be whole as a human being, we have an opportunity to experience all of the emotions we have been gifted. Grief is an expression of wild love.

When we are in harmony within ourselves, we are able to understand and often begin to manage emotions so there are no drastic highs and lows. Because we understand that there are always adjustments and tweaks we make as we experience life. There is always flow and motion in nature.

We learn to become aware and feel deeply into endings and grieve in our own way. We can also realize how fleeting this life we have been gifted truly is and know whoever left the physical world is still with us; cheering us on and loving us. 

We’ve been taught to deeply fear death, but life and death are part of our trek. So many try to stay youthful, and yet, aging is a natural process that we’ve been conditioned to suppress. When we truly face the fact that one day everything dies, including us, a new desire may spring within us to actually come alive. 

Loss is A Feeling

Samantha Hunt in The Unwritten Book shares, “These things that end—humans, winters, childhoods, love affairs, books—have sharp edges, painful as desire and packed with grief. Their hurt is precious and rich with meaning. It speaks to the work our bodies are really made for: feeling.”

Here is to feeling deeply, talking openly about whatever we are facing. And also, grieving our loss and healing at our own pace.

Wisdom from Lynnda Pollio guides us to question deeply,

“A reminder that we all come in and we all go out.

  • What are you doing in between?
  • What love are you sharing ?
  • What care are you giving?
  • What joy are you bringing?
  • What faith are you holding?
  • What kindness are you showing?
  • What awareness are you growing?

What if we lived like what we do here mattered to something beyond ourselves, how would it change the way you live?”

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