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Made to Measure for Our Health

Jun 13, 2024 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Made to Measure for Our Health - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

There is a shift happening to Made to Measure. The custom clothing market value is estimated to reach $160 billion by 2032, and new technology is accelerating customization.

Switching from mass-produced clothing to custom-made garments opens opportunities to become aware of what we wear and where the materials come from. Just the other day, I talked to someone who shared the impact of the fabrics we wear on our physical health. Just like knowing the source of the food we ingest, the materials we put on our skin make a difference to our health.

Made-to-measure (MTM) clothing fits individual measurements, unlike ready-to-wear clothes that come in standard sizes. Mass tailoring redefines the fashion landscape. Instead of standard sizes, customers order a tailored item.

MTM reduces waste by producing only what is ordered. It uses fewer resources and lowers emissions. Additionally, MTM clothing eliminates the frustration of ill-fitting garments.

Recent advancements in automation have made MTM production more profitable, even though it is often perceived as more expensive. By producing only what is sold, there is no excess inventory.

Critics say MTM is too expensive, slow, and not scalable. While MTM costs about 30% more, it is four times more profitable because production matches sales. Delivery times have also improved significantly, with many MTM garments now arriving within one to two weeks.

Mass tailoring envisions a future where you can order a pair of jeans or a suit that fits you perfectly, regardless of the brand. This approach reduces waste and environmental impact while helping us become more conscious of what we wear.

We can get involved early by being clear on what fabrics are healthy for us and making more conscious choices. The biggest change comes when we’re aware of what we need; doing our part.

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