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Magic in Make Believe

May 27, 2023 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

Magic in Make Believe - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Remember the joy of “make believe” in our childhood? It wasn’t just about fun, but also about seeing the world in a new light. Even now, this perspective is alive within us. It may look different, but it hasn’t left.

Imagine children playing. Their bedrooms become forts; hallways transform into obstacle courses. A sudden shout rings out: “There’s a dragon in the backyard!” Immediately, they start planning their strategy with this imaginary beast. They’re aware there’s no real dragon, but the thrill of the pretend adventure makes it so enjoyable.

In a heartbeat, everything changes. A child announces, “The carpet is quicksand!” Now, the living room is a dangerous jungle, and crossing it becomes an adventurous quest.

During the game, one child acts out a scene. “Help, I’m sinking!” she exclaims, pretending to fall into quicksand. It’s part of the play, but the concern feels real. The rest of the kids rush to help, fully invested in their friend’s pretend plight.

However, the game takes a pause when dad walks in carrying pizza. The scent of reality wafts in, drawing them to the table. Their make-believe world dissolves, and it’s time to enjoy a slice of delicious pizza.

These games represent more than playtime for kids; they provide a chance to stretch their imaginations. In their stories, they can embody any character, perform any task.

As we grow older, we tend to lean heavily on facts. But are we overlooking something important? Maybe it’s time to reclaim that sense of wonder, that spark of wild imagination that once allowed us to shape our world.

Make believe doesn’t have to be a childhood pastime. Why not harness our adult imagination to interpret the world? We don’t have to accept things just as they appear. Perhaps, if we dare to imagine so, we’re already residing in our personal version of heaven.

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