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Milestones as Moments

May 1, 2023 | Daily Trek, Tales from the Trek

Milestones as Moments - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Milestones as Moments

No longer do milestones consist of what I was told: big title, corner office, vacations, car, house, popularity, promotion, pay increase, retirement. What if milestones along our path are simply moments in time? What if we can create a life that we don’t need to vacate from? And we are here to navigate our own paths?

Two years ago today, I let everything go at a time when the world around us was shifting. Some people thought I was crazy. But what mattered most was the opportunities to experience and experiment a new type of living with curiosity.

Another unknown path lay ahead. And although I started writing daily six months after that, my intention was to write about what is possible for all of us. I mostly kept my sacred journey to myself.

Over the past two years, I have cracked open repeatedly by experiencing everything and being aware of my choices. After writing three books, I had ample opportunities to practice what was between the pages.

Not everyone understands us, but when we have a few rocks to lean on, including ourselves, we gather the strength to continue. We take the time to become aware and evolve.

Sometimes, we want to give up because everything seems absurd. Instead, we choose to laugh from our core and let it reverberate in the earth and oceans. When we are in flow, the Universe whispers for us to trust the currents.

Closing Doors is a Sacred Practice

As we close some doors, we end up somewhere healthier as other doors open and we keep experimenting and exploring.

I visit many places and experience the brokenness of this world. I encounter people who instruct others on how to be, yet sell stories they do not live.

However, the journey is mine. I learn to burn bridges that lead nowhere and understand that I can slow down and pause whenever necessary. Not everyone will understand me, mostly because venturing into the unknown is not for everyone. And stepping into one’s power frees us from how life should be to create what we need.

I experiment and allow my heart to break. I learn to pick up the pieces I need and listen more deeply to my heart. Facing the biggest fear I have, I practice the unknown art of asking for what I need and not waiver.

I learn to understand that the old structures are collapsing around us and not everyone can see what’s possible. Getting on the other side of this fear is a milestone and moment. But to do so, walls come down and I learn that love is not what I was told. And irrational fear need not come along. Because there are trusted caring souls who step up.

When I let go of the manual I received about how life should be, open space emerges. There is no destination, just life waiting to be experienced in whatever way I choose.

The Moments Between Milestones

Facing our darkness and walking in the shadows of our minds is a choice. When we do, we uncover what has always been waiting for us to truly see. A significant portion of it is not our own but beliefs planted deep inside us, filled with sadness, pain, fear, and judgment.

But I don’t need to stay and live there. I learn when to leave and recognize that some people will take as much as they can, thinking they can control another under a spell of having the answers. They may talk about love, hold large gatherings, and call it community, but an emptiness deep inside is up to each of us to navigate.

Because life itself is simple. We make things complex. We are amazing beings who create every day, but many of us have forgotten how much is possible and that we are truly here to lift each other up.

For me, the simple things matter most now. I value kindness and compassion more than achievement and success. Not in words but in pure aligned action. And there are ample opportunities to practice and grow. That’s the things about milestones; they are moments on our journey inspiring us to keep flowing.

I am encouraged to live in a world of kindness where an unknown angel recently agreed to share her liver with my dear friend, Tim McDonald. And I can already feel how this one act will have ripples in the lives of so many.

So now, two years later, I step away from old dreams to unleash possibilities. Today marks a milestone in fresh beginnings. Life continues to humble me in unexpected ways, and as I hit the road again, there is no looking back. Thank you for being here and allowing yourself to experience your moments and greatest opportunities. I am truly grateful.


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