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Miscommunication and Perceptions

Oct 22, 2023 | Conscious Communication, Daily Trek

Miscommunication and Perceptions - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Currently, miscommunication prevails. People often prioritize making a point or being right over truly listening to one another.

However, in reality, many of us perceive through our filters and divisions.

A ton of information inundates us “audiences,” and everyone vies for our attention, which is in high demand. It is easy to become overwhelmed when we’re too busy to pause and breathe, to listen.

We’ve been brainwashed for productivity and efficiency, but we’re not machines.

So many of us are not okay right now. While some automatically respond to questions like ‘how are you?’ many are heartbroken inside and can no longer pretend.

Much changes when we actively listen—to our bodies, hearts, and each other. We have an opportunity to question our thinking. But only when we truly listen. Otherwise, miscommunication keeps us trapped.

We possess the ability to shift our perceptions, but it’s our responsibility. It involves asking questions and delving into the essence of matters. Assuming is a trap. Often, our biases and perceptions hinder us from truly listening.

This is the insanity of this world that wants us to consume and be an audience of someone else’s agenda. We struggle to make sense as more and information is bombarded.

To navigate this communication maze, try active listening. Instead of assuming people understand you, ask questions, seek clarity, and embrace diverse perspectives. Recognize that your view is shaped by your experiences and perceptions. And question who and what you are consuming.

Our external world is chaotic, but clarity comes from no longer being attached as an audience. By witnessing perceptions without trying to change others, we untangle misunderstandings and miscommunication. Courageously choose healthy sources.

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