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Why Are We Navigating Two Worlds?

Oct 5, 2023 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Navigating Two Worlds - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Navigating Two Worlds

We are walking two worlds right now. The decaying one where our systems are falling apart, while many continue to fight and suffer. A world where we are led to believe is the only way of living. But a new world is emerging on the edges that forces us to question the known.

People struggle to make sense of life today. What if we no longer need to fight or fit into pre-made stories? Let’s imagine a fresh path for ourselves instead of being someone else’s character in their life story.

Often society tells us how to live, but what if your chosen path is simpler and healthier? Ancient wisdom shows us that everything we need is already here. We think disrupting and innovating make us intelligent, but that mindset often makes us give our power away. We forget how powerful we are as creators.

Two worlds exist for us right now. One world decays, its systems failing, and people continue to suffer. The other world is emerging, where we know we have enough and are enough.

These are not physical worlds but an evolution of our choices.

In this new world, the journey is to become whole without needing to fix anything. This world shows us that the old structures don’t help us anymore; they’ve become toxic. We discover our way through deep, radical trekking—letting go of what we thought we needed and finding our true nature. No one else is an expert on your life but you.

Leadership comes from within us, not outside. We break away from norms and limiting beliefs like fear and safety. We allow our curiosity and courage to lead us to new opportunities. Is this path easy or hard? That’s up to you and your perspective.

Bridging Two Worlds

Our willingness to experiment is key because we no longer live with success or failure (decaying world). We understand that we are actually braver and more courageous than we have been sold. It may not look like anything you know but the magic happens when we choose to step into the unknown and allow life to unfold in ways we could never expect. And instead of suffering through anything, do you give yourself permission to feel a bit lighter and laugh at what used to make you sad?

Often, we cannot see the bridge and feel lost. This is simply part of the journey. When we are still caught up that everything is challenging and a problem, it becomes so. Deep inside you are ready to put yourself on a healthy path that has yet to be walked. How could there be health, abundant opportunities, creativity, community, freedom and harmony in a world?

And when we are healthy, we see opportunities, and let ourselves create, we build balanced communities. We’re no longer confined to old stories or ways that don’t serve us. Instead, we understand our worth and turn down the noise from the old world.

Fully grasping our strength changes how we see resources, steering us toward healthier perspectives. The battles for a “fair share” lose their appeal. We don’t split pies anymore; we build unity and abundance that mirror our inner wholeness. We’re not broken, and we don’t need fixing. We cry and laugh as we let go.

We come to understand that the focus isn’t on one world being better than another. Instead, we zero in on what genuinely nurtures our wellbeing and the beautiful life we choose to create for ourselves.

In the new world, we celebrate differences and talk openly about our needs and boundaries. Open dialogue builds healthy connections and expands our hearts. Holding onto familiar people and rules forms isolated, uniform circles.

Pushing past comfort zones opens new relational avenues, breaking old habits and beliefs. Not everyone comes with us as we each blaze our paths. This lays the groundwork for a new world that gazes past the horizon, activating our Human Intelligence and hearts to create what truly sustains us.

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