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An Ode to New Beginnings: Spring Awakens Us

Mar 31, 2024 | Daily Trek, Trusted Relationships

New Beginnings: Spring Awakens - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Spring awakens as a a time of growth and vitality as nature bursts into life. Is this an opportunity to awaken from a long sleep or simply flow?

When we tune into our natural environment, understanding that we are not separate from it, we grasp the currents, cycles, and living systems that encompass us. This awareness brings clarity: not everything is meant to last forever. Recognizing change as a natural process, we move beyond the need to control everything.

Life inherently consists of endings and beginnings. While humans have crafted the concept of loyalty, its existence in nature remains uncertain. As spring awakens, we grasp that neither interconnectedness nor love fall under our control.

Often, we find ourselves enduring situations that are not healthy for us. Imagine prioritizing our wellbeing, aligned with nature’s rhythms, acknowledging that people flow in and out of our lives based on what is healthy for us when we learn to let go.

What if prioritizing our health supersedes loyalty to a person, a company, or a belief?

Choosing healthier foods may come easier, but what about assessing our relationships? Do we consider how we engage with loss, endings, change, and beginnings?

We clear space in our closets as part of Spring cleaning, but do we make room in our hearts?

Do these experiences instill fear, or do we welcome them with an open, vulnerable heart? And do we practice openness and radical honesty or suffer through hurt?

This isn’t about passing judgment. Many of us do our best, yet sometimes we find ourselves at different junctures, each learning to express ourselves uniquely and recognizing our limits when words are no longer enough. When we don’t know how to show up for ourselves authentically, it’s almost impossible to know how to show up for others.

Grief emerges as a profoundly transformative experience, accompanying both endings and beginnings. It measures the depth of our love within relationships.

Often, the fear of overwhelming grief drives our fear of change and loss. However, staying true to ourselves opens our hearts. We discover that grief purifies us, removing what we need to let go of to enter a new world and welcome our changing selves. Experiencing sadness, rather than dwelling in it, makes room for new, experiences that support our wellbeing.

Not everyone will journey alongside us, as each of us authors our own story and makes our own healthy choices. Nature teaches us not to force anything—be it conversations, friendships, relationships, or beliefs. Anything forced goes against nature and often leads to unhealthy dis-ease.

As spring awakens and summer looms on the horizon, perhaps we plant healthy seeds of forgiveness, humility and compassion. And trust the natural flow of endings and beginnings that create peace in our hearts.

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