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New Language We Get to Create

May 18, 2024 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

New Language We Get to Create - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Many of us are starting to see that we need new language for where we’re headed.

Perhaps it’s time to move beyond words and concepts that hold us back. Did you know that we can question our assumptions?

Traditional concepts like “rest” or “pause” suggest stopping or inactivity. What if we envision a dynamic, ongoing process that aligns with natural rhythms?

Instead of “rest,” consider being in flow with what our bodies need. This involves actively rejuvenating our energies, not merely stopping activities. It means filling and vitalizing our physical, mental, and emotional reserves in tune with our body’s needs.

Similarly, instead of “pausing,” think about “tuning in.” This new language suggests actively listening to our body’s signals—like tuning an instrument to achieve harmony. It’s about proactively engaging with our body’s needs and rhythms.

Being in flow and tuning in represent continuous, health-affirming processes that respect the body’s natural cycles and wisdom. They demonstrate our commitment to align closely with our intrinsic needs, moving towards a life free from artificial divisions and experienced as a vibrant whole.

New language helps us reinforce the idea that caring for ourselves is not a break from life’s activities but an essential part of living fully and vibrantly.

What new language can help you? What do you dare shift? Because you can …

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