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No Longer Feeding the Beast

Feb 22, 2024 | Daily Trek, Unleash

No Longer Feeding the Beast - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

We are no longer feeding the beast of fear and resistance when we choose understanding and awareness.

Did you know that when you choose to renounce something, it’s like gluing yourself to it forever.

Does the belief that rejecting something sets us free stand true? But what if this belief is misleading and often a trap. When you decide to ignore something or fight it, you actually tie yourself closer to it. It’s a strange situation: the more you resist, the stronger the bond becomes. This resistance feeds the very issue you want to escape, giving it your energy.

Fear doesn’t hide in what we haven’t seen and the unknown. After all, how can we fear something we’ve never met? The true fear lies in losing what we’re used to, the comfort of the familiar. That’s what really scares us.

Now, consider this: we’ve learned to fix, mend, and solve. But what if the real solution isn’t fixing but understanding? It’s like trying to solve a puzzle without seeing the whole picture or taking on a huge challenge without understanding the full context.

Picture this change: we stop trying to alter everything without truly understanding it. The world doesn’t need fixing; it needs our understanding and our bravery to reach new heights of awareness. Once we understand this, everything shifts.

This isn’t about doing nothing; it’s about actively engaging. Go deeper, understand the roots, and see how naturally things start to align. We move from trying to control to building connections, inviting flow rather than forcing anything.

Understanding that feeding the beast with our energy is unhealthy, we choose a different path. The world doesn’t need fixing, and we don’t need to be fixed.

Can we experiment with a healthy outlook? Do we see the opportunity to discover alongside the universe?

What’s really possible when understanding and awareness become the key to unlocking our true potential?

Maybe this is where true transformation starts. Not in the rush to control, but in the effort to create. Even in the toughest times, we take a breath and choose life. Because we can weather storms and step out of the fear to create in ways we only imagine.

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