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Gate of Opportunities, Waiting to Be Struck

Jan 1, 2022 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

Opportunities - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

What Opportunities Are Here Now?

There is a tipping point when we become aware that we live in a world filled with opportunities and choices. When we trek into the unknown, we ultimately learn humility and patience. When the journey feels impossible, it introduces feelings in us to face and sit with. 

For me, I realized that easy and hard, and possible and impossible, were constructs I inherited or was taught. But who truly knows what is easy and hard for me? And maybe what you consider possible seems impossible to someone else? What if we have opportunities to unlearn, and in doing so, understand and shape these constructs for ourselves? Maybe what we were told was hard and challenging really isn’t in our case? But we won’t know until we experiment and play.

Becoming aware of when a thought goes through your mind, or a feeling goes through your body, helps to understand that you don’t need to add more energy to it. How we react matters. We can feel whatever is going on within us, and it’s much healthier to acknowledge those feelings than it is to suppress them—otherwise, we allow ourselves to buy into beliefs that fan our fears and may not be our own.

Many of us have been conditioned to fear change. We all have parts of ourselves that resist change and want to hold on to how things have been. We get a sense of security from holding on to the past. We know it well—it feels familiar—and we hang tightly to that familiarity with the illusion that it continues to make us feel safe.

But this world, as we know it, is coming apart at the seams and is fraying. Old ways of living and working are no longer viable, and, as they collapse, healthier, more evolved ways of being are birthed. This will happen as more of us question why things are being done as they have been. Then, we can examine the answers and see which opportunities truly resonate.

“The world is all gates—all opportunities—strings of tension waiting to be struck. – Ralph Waldo Emerson”

Like A House, Our Foundation Matters

When a house in an earthquake zone is destroyed by the magnitude of the quake, you don’t rebuild it without considering the impact it could not withstand. You take a look at the foundation of the house and build a structure that can be supported. Maybe you decorate it in the same way or plant a similar garden. But having lived through such a traumatic event, you will invest in a structure that is more solid and make healthier choices. 

You might even decide to move to an earthquake-free zone but you will have your eyes wide open and won’t do it blindly out of habit or a false sense of safety. 

We are at the intersection of the present moment and future possibilities. Is it time to trek into the unknown for a while before jumping into the “new”? Why? Because we don’t want to create and rebuild the old structures and systems in the same way. We don’t need to repeat our own history when we consciously choose to break our patterns and cycles. Do you have the courage to let go and create what you need?

You repeat what you believe. Do you really want to recreate or rebuild the old structure or build a solid foundation? Is it time you build something of your choice—ask yourself, what can support and serve me and my community?

Every opportunity you gift yourself is an opportunity to evolve into healthier aspects of yourself with abundance, joy, peace, love, and freedom.

Opportunities Bring Harmony and Wholeness

When we ourselves are aligned with what we think, do, say, and are, we understand that we have choices. How will we respond to someone who is attacking us? Will we fight back, be offended, blame, judge, or simply walk away knowing not to take it personally?

We can set a course for our spot to surf the ocean, navigating our lives in our chosen direction. Along the way, we might encounter beautiful islands with turtles and orcas, reefs with breathtaking wildlife, and shores with fascinating people.

Will there be storms along the way? Yes, of course, we will face bumps along the path, but with love as our guide, we’ll respond with higher levels of awareness. Should we feel that we would like to change course along the way, we may do so. This is all in the evolutionary adventure of life, and how we engage matters.

Conscious leaders are the new pioneers who are building the world we need; stepping away from outdated stories by opening paths to new possibilities. There is a whole community forming that is realizing that we were born for these times to take hold of the opportunities gifted to us, even in heartbreaks and challenges. Isn’t it time for each of us to ask ourselves, and each other, this one question: What is our individual and collective story on this planet?

I am looking forward to an incredible 2022 of Radical Trekking with you and learning about the opportunities you are transforming!

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