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Our Deepest Passions

Aug 31, 2023 | Daily Trek, F*ck the Bucket List

Our Highest Interests - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Our Deepest Passions

In our daily lives, being open and honest often seems like a risk and we often avoid coming face to face with our deepest passions. We’ve learned to cautious and as a result, build walls to be “safe.” But consider what happens when we let those walls down and speak our truth. And that we become aware the safety is a limiting belief that keeps us in fear.

Take Sarah, a mom juggling everything. She feels overwhelmed but keeps it to herself. One day, she tells her partner, “I’m struggling here.” Her partner listens and they come up with a way to balance more because they’re in it together. Sarah feels lighter, and her relationship grows stronger. No drama, just the beginning of choosing an honest conversation over continued anxiety and conflict.

We often label ourselves as “people pleasers” or “avoidant.” But what if we’re simply not skilled at sharing our truth and deepest passions? Can we learn to to voice our needs or listen without judgment. This shift changes the narrative of our life. Now, it’s not a character flaw but a valued skill.

Honesty doesn’t just shape our relationships with others; it shapes our relationship with ourselves. Think of Daniel, who always dreamed of a simple life and somehow found himself working around the clock, closing deals around the world. Job security was so important that everything else became secondary. One day, he acknowledged he was unfulfilled with this safety. By being honest with himself, he opened the door to opportunities.

Sharing our truth doesn’t mean we impose it on others. It means holding our truth lightly, open to the idea that we each have our truths too. It simply asks us to practice questioning, active listening and giving space for different opinions. By doing so, we build stronger, deeper relationships that pave the way for a healthier life.

This ancient technology called dialogue allows us to connect deeply.

Let’s Play

Are we truly aligned with our deepest passions? As we enter September and the natural change in seasons, here’s are some questions to help guide our journey. And as always, please add your own.

Ask yourself: If I were to consistently put my own highest interests and deepest passions first, what, if anything, would I do differently right now?

For instance, if you keep meaning to carve time out for an adventure but keep putting it off, maybe it’s time to take the plunge?

Ask yourself: What am I tolerating, putting up with, or just settling for? Consider everything from people and habits to things and relationships.

Say, if you’re still in a job, relationship, mindset or situation that drains you, is it time to start to consider alternative healthy paths that are energizing?

Ask yourself: What are my core values, and am I living them every day?

Let’s say one of your core values is family time. Are you giving that the space it deserves in your life?

Ask yourself: How do I sabotage myself, if at all?

Maybe you notice that procrastination often throws you off track or you judge yourself harshly. Being aware is the first step toward change.

Ask yourself: What are the things, people, or activities that give me a boost?

If spending time in nature uplifts you, integrate regular natural experiences. And maybe consider your relationship with Nature.

Ask yourself: Am I brave and able to live out loud? or, If I were brave, what might I do differently on a daily basis?

Maybe you’ll finally take that dance class you’ve always thought about. Perhaps you will speak your truth to yourself.

Our Deepest Passions are Ready to Unleash

Can you take note of what’s working and what’s not. And adjust your sails accordingly?

Honor the fruits of your efforts. Whether it’s the literal harvest from your garden or the gains from your personal journey; what’s your relationship with play?

By diving deep into your questions, you fine-tune your focus. Drop the rose-tinted glasses. Empty out old ideas to create fertile soil for new visions.

This way, you align your life’s direction with your true essence, leading you towards a healthier world for yourself and everyone around you.

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