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Our Inner Eagle

May 26, 2023 | Daily Trek, Unleash

Our Inner Eagle - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Our Inner Eagle

Inside each of us, there’s a strong ‘inner eagle.’ This represents our true selves, but it’s often overlooked. Society’s rules and our own fears keep it hidden. Yet, it wants to break free and fly high.

Society can maintain a tight hold on us. For many, it plants desires in us for things we don’t need and it fuels our fears of change. This is like keeping a mighty lion in a small cage, causing it to forget its power.

Now, imagine a baby eagle lost among chickens in a coop. It copies the chickens, pecking at the dirt and trying to fly without success. Then an older eagle finds it. This eagle leads the baby to a cliff’s edge. The baby sees its reflection in a pond for the very first time. And it looks nothing like a chicken.

The baby eagle sees its big wings and sharp eyes. It starts to feel a change within. Then suddenly, the older eagle pushes it off the cliff. But chickens don’t fly high. Fear sets in.

And at first, the baby struggles to fly. But soon, it learns to soar high and see the world from a different vantage point. Maybe it understands its true identity and enjoys its newfound freedom.

Embracing Fearlessness and Authenticity

Are we like that baby eagle at some point in our lives? We have strength and freedom, but often, we act scared and small. We feel trapped by society’s rules and how things are supposed to be. But we always have the ability to make healthier choices and question.

We can be brave and aim for the sky. Perhaps the flight is a symbol of understanding our connection with all things and the fleeting nature of material goods. This awareness frees us as we are not all on the same path.

Within us all, there’s a part that’s fearless, undying, and content. This is the real us, not the part that’s scared or wants too much. This part uses our senses and our bodies to interact with the world.

Our learning doesn’t involve keeping static records. Instead, we constantly refine memories and envision future possibilities. Our brain doesn’t process every pixel in a scene to perceive the world. It zeroes in on the unexpected.

Reflecting and pausing helps us understand this. We see the kind, brave part within us. When we discover it, we feel a weight lift off our shoulders. We realize no there is no one to blame anymore. Grounded in reality of possibilities, we begin questioning what relationship we want to have with our own beautiful life while we are here. We are no longer scared and filled with the fear of the unknown.

Creating Our Inner Eagle Wisdom

A wise elder is bo longer necessary to unlock our wisdom. We inherited the rules from our elders and it’s time to break free. We can respect our elders and at the same time, recognize that they no longer hold the keys to where we are headed. Many of our elders are in deep suffering and we have an opportunity to listen. But we must break with the belief that someone else holds our wisdom.

Sure, we can learn from each other but as equals without divisions of who has more experience or expertise. Because no one walks in our shoes or flip flops.

Can we tie up the loose ends that keep us rooted in the past and plant healthy seeds? Maybe this is an opportunity to heal the generational divides and understand we all can contribute moving forward? We have the power to forge our own wisdom and create our own ways of living and tap into the natural wisdom that embraces us.

Perhaps we take a deep breath, start imagining, and take steps to unleash our wildest creations?

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