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Our Time is Sacred

Apr 20, 2024 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

Our Time is Sacred - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Our time is sacred, and we get to experience every moment. Because we can’t buy time.

We often hear people say, how long is that post? And when asked, why does it matter? The answer is usually about our shortening attention span.

But guess what? No having time or short attention spans is bullshit. It’s an excuse and also a reflection of our times.

Why don’t we have time when it is us who constructed time? Nature has natural phases. We created constructs around what nature provides. And some are artificial.

Not only are clocks manmade but so are light bulbs. With the invention of electricity, we can work 24/7 and it is up to us to turn the light off to rest. The factory can hum 24/7 but can we?

So no one in human history really has an issue doing what we want. When it’s valuable, there’s plenty of time and attention.

When we find something interesting, we engage with it.

So, maybe it’s not an issue of not having time or being too busy? Perhaps that we have to spend time on like awful television programming or programming in general is what we don’t have time for?

This is what’s happening now. Some people are making changes to have more value and some people are suffering through life, always complaining about everything.

Because the story is that it is much easier to throw rocks and criticize than step out of the doom and gloom and simply create.

The magic diet never works.

The Prince doesn’t knock at the door.

The new life doesn’t just manifest.

It’s up to us to make healthy choices. We need to know when to pause and rest because we are not machines.

What happens when we no longer believe we lack time? Can we focus on value and create valuable experiences? After all, life is not a task but an experience of every color in the rainbow, as well as every emotion from sadness to joy.

Time is sacred. You really don’t have to make time for anything when there’s value.

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