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Our Treasure Chest

May 28, 2023 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Treasure Chest - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Our Treasure Chest

We all have a treasure chest of experiences. Yet, our minds have a habit of looking for patterns anchored in the past. We often fall into the trap of thinking nothing changes. We get stuck in the past. But life with or without us, like a river, is always flowing, always changing.

Now, we stand on the edge of a new phase in life. This phase may fulfill our deepest desires, but in unexpected ways. We may find ourselves stepping away from familiar roles and expectations. Life appears to shuffle itself. It’s like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly—a shift towards a healthy and meaningful treasure of opportunity.

As we move towards our next chapter, we notice changes. Old habits, past tolerances, and certain people don’t align with who we are now. The dramas that once caught us now cause an allergic reaction. We choose not to go back as we step forward.

This shift can be challenging. It affects us in ways we didn’t expect. It’s now about what energizes us and not what drains us.

In the midst of this change, we start experiencing a new reality, a new energy. Here, we enjoy a sense of freedom and an opportunity we created to live on our own terms in a world that is still divided. A society that is still very sick. But we choose when to participate without getting mired.

Our Journey from Then to Now

There is a treasure of ways we can make the leap and include some of the following:

Setting Boundaries: We pull away from old stories. We free ourselves by setting clear boundaries for our health—mind, body and spirit.

Leaving the Past in the Past: We let go of what no longer serves us. We leave people and beliefs that don’t match our path of health.

Clarity and Awareness: We become aware of everything and understand everything is already here. We make the best use of what we already have instead of always chasing something new. We trust our hearts as much as the GPS in our cars.

Healthy Living: We focus on our physical health. We eat healthier, and we connect deeper with our bodies. And we become aware of the source of everything we consume from food to people. This allows us to create spaces and communities that nurture us.

Flowing with Change: We understand that the present isn’t the past. We accept and enjoy the transformation. We live in the world on our terms, eliminating toxicity as much as possible. This allows us to experiment and understand that we are powerful creators. And we never stop learning and playing.

Our experiences are gems. We keep them in our hearts, like a treasure. Each encounter adds to our wealth. We take a step and move forward, into our new story. We are the authors. Together, we pave the way to a new reality. We view the world in our own way. We adopt the explorer’s mindset, brimming with curiosity.

Our treasure chest is filled with experiences. These gems shine with compassion and care. They’re real. And they are as true as May transforming into June 2023.

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