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Our Version of Reality

Mar 3, 2024 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Our Version of Reality - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Television shows on our devices project a version of reality that presents itself as the truth. However, we might question whether we always aim to become the ultimate Masterchef or find our perfect match. To be the one and only who won our one and only love through a reality-TV competition? This creates a divided world of winners and losers, where only expert-validated food creations matter.

This version of reality projects unhealthy beliefs and narratives. The constant need to outperform others raises questions. Winning titles, awards, or love gives a temporary high. However, how long does this satisfaction and success last? What does being ‘tik tok famous’ really mean? The competitive job market pits us against each other for survival. Yet, upon securing a job, expectations shift towards excellence in teamwork and collaboration. We mostly receive rewards for our individual contributions.

Why then is there such a drive to achieve and feed the success narrative? Instead, embracing life itself offers a healthier version of reality filled with experiences. Currently, for about 1.6 billion out of 8 billion people on the planet, these conventional realities are losing their allure. Experience teaches us the value of discernment and to no longer give our power away. Because we don’t need to be “entertained” or be validated by being picked.

“Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”―George Orwell, 1984

The era of updating statuses and ego-surfing, of caring about what celebrities, influencers, or billionaires promote, fades as we step away from the need to be right and win at all costs. We are recognizing the choice between fake and real as a mere diversion. A pivotal moment comes when we decide the influences we allow into our lives. Because trust is one of our biggest assets; not to be squandered.

Yes, bills need paying, and the surrounding reality demands us getting real. However, the possibility exists to shape this reality through our choices. Trusting in ourselves and acknowledging our creative power stand as life changing decisions.

Learning involves recognizing when to leave or stay, choosing not to engage in battles for winning or being right. We no longer sacrifice our health for outdated beliefs or relentlessly chase happiness and success. And we no longer suck it up at our own expense or take anyone down in a battle for our lives. We look around the world and instead of doomscrolling, we create in our own way.

Facing conflicting emotions and desires can seem daunting, yet it’s more manageable than often admitted. Claiming difficulty can become an excuse for choosing the path of least resistance—competing, remaining in unsatisfactory jobs, ending friendships over being triggered, or continuing to trust those who mistreat us. Hate ignites in a flash and now flows abundantly on our screens and streets.

Reaching this understanding requires not just experiencing life but actively questioning it. Each person, at our own pace, reflects on what’s healthy for us, without a universal answer. Over time, we learn to trust ourselves more and choose healthier options. But every so often we get a harsh reminder that we’ve still got what to learn to grow. Perhaps, this is why we’re really here.

For a growing number of us, a healthier version of reality is calling. Because we know how the current one plays out and don’t want to feed the narrative. And are curious about what is possible when we do learn and connect with anyone who is ready to no longer be an observer or commentator. Our world is not set in stone. The gateway is our power and creativity.

“They realized that, in fact, the lie wasn’t safe. That it threatened their existence more profoundly than the truth did.”―Cheryl Strayed

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