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Overcoming Hubris

Feb 20, 2023 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

Overcoming Hubris - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

Hubris is the Master of Deception

Hubris, or excessive pride and arrogance, often conceals insecurity. A new study finds that narcissists have a need to brag about exploits and successes. But it’s not because their self-esteem is inflated.

Apparently, narcissists have low self-esteem and confidence. By bragging, the ultimate goal is to be accepted and be recognized and known. The goal is to be better than anyone else. And being seen as the diamond in the rough is the ultimate high. It’s actually addictive.

The energy that a narcissist needs comes from the outside and it needs constant feeding. It also comes with a great deal of jealousy and envy of anyone who has a spotlight or large following.

There is a vast valley between needing constant validation, fame and influence, and finding peace within. For many of us, knowing we’re enough and simply experiencing life in our own way is a path increasingly taken. Self-esteem is how we see ourselves regardless of what anyone thinks about us.

When we stop competing for “our fair share” or needing to be the center of attention, a whole new life begins. When we are experimenting, we know there is a 50/50 change that things work out; or not. And we’re okay with all of it because we are not here to prove or win anything. Life and death happens at every moment; just like endings and beginnings.

Overcoming Hubris

Hubris is alive and well because it is part of our societal conditioning to need to win and beat the competition. Hubris manifests in a variety of ways, including a tendency to overestimate one’s abilities, lack of questioning, and disregard the opinions of others.

Engaging with people who have different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives helps challenge our assumptions. It also helps us engage in open dialogue where we have an equal voice.

When we’re whole, there is no jealousy or envy required to come on this journey. Our self respect  and confidence are no longer tied to the social hierarchy, success or external validation. We don’t need to surround ourselves with fame and status. And we often want to find a quiet cave by the sea with wifi and running water to experience the beauty of life.

There is no need to disrupt anything or anyone when we’re on our path. There is no one to take down or fight. No hurt feelings as we have no intention to cause pain or live in conflict. Revenge, jealousy and envy are no longer aligned with us. Curiosity allows us to feel deeply and be sad when things fall apart because we no longer need to pretend to be anything.

Humility Makes Us Real

Practicing humility helps hubris from taking hold of us. This can include acknowledging when things don’t work out, learning and being open to radical honesty.

While the New Age philosophy is that we can manifest solely through our thoughts, this is not always the case. Using our abilities through effort, dedication and a willingness to learn is foundational. We all have the power of creation within us, which determines what we manifest.

Some of us spend all our energy on how to beat the system or be part of it, but a number of us simply want to create outside the walls of conformity.

What if overcoming hubris requires self-awareness, humility, and a willingness to learn and grow? And getting closer to connecting with people who share our dreams of creation? Co-authoring our stories through co-creation is a path available to each of us. But do so, humility is key. Because the focus is on what is needed and what is created.

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