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Overcoming Our Fears

Dec 1, 2022 | Daily Trek, F*ck the Bucket List

Overcoming Our Fears - Ayelet Baron - Radical Trekking

Overcoming Our Fears

Overcoming our fears, in every moment, is an opportunity to expand our understanding of ourselves.
Ban those voices
that may have
moved in
after generations
of acceptance
of beliefs
that no longer
serve you.
There is
so much
we can create
when we cut the cords
and move
into our hearts
in alignment
with our whole self.
Unlike a rooted tree,
you can let go
and start many times
by bending
with the wind.
And yet, the key is
to become aware, release
anything or anyone
that no longer charges
your spirit.
And begin again
with grace.

Overcoming Our Fears is A Gift

Hopefully, as you read this I am just overcoming one of the biggest hurdles of my life. Living these words in full force.
Here is to releasing the old, making space for the healthy and walking our paths in full integrity. Overcoming our fears mean healing our wounds and walking to healthier gateways of possibilities.

Life is not black and white. There are many colors to experience. And the more colors we have access to, the more choices we have. Being healthy—mind body and spirit—is our ultimate responsibility in this lifetime. 

Bruce Lee observed, “Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo survives by bending with the wind.” 

As we begin this December, flexibility and flux guide us into the curiously unknown letting go of unnecessary fear. And walking through to a fresh horizon of possibilities. Taking whatever we need to heal fully, with grace. 

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