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Beyond A Pandemic and the Storm

Jun 1, 2022 | Daily Trek, Futuristic

The Aftermath of a Pandemic - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

The Aftermath of A Pandemic

The black death pandemic, unleashed in medieval Europe in the 14th century, changed not only the lives of many people but also the structure of society. According to historian MT Anderson, there was unrest with many who survived and found themselves facing new realities.

The gap between the elite and everyone else increased with many finding ‘work’ futile and challenging. Many quit their jobs en masse or refused to go back to their roles. MT Anderson, shares, “Tired of being overworked and underpaid, they feel they deserve a better life.

Workers of all kinds — farm laborers, artisans in the cities, even poor parish priests who’d had to minister to the dying — looked at their lives once the pandemic had eased and reassessed what they were worth. They saw a system that was tilted impossibly against them.”

Peasants, builders, clergy, artisans and merchants banded together to claim their rightful and honorable place in society. Old contracts were broken and rural and urban folk came together around a shared purpose.

The struggle over earning a fair wage and feeling valued accelerated amid a growing labor shortage. Eventually, a wave of violence engulfed Europe on all sides.

This pandemic left workers and laborers increasingly frustrated and at the heart of it was a desire to build a better life.

Questioning Everything Emerges After A Pandemic

Regardless of the timing, most people want a sense of dignity and an opportunity to flourish. And so, questioning everything means looking closely at needs and values.

There are many reasons we are experiencing labor shortages right now and people quitting, especially front line workers, but the bigger question is: what is our greatest opportunity right now with a human desire to flourish and discover our harmony?

When we step out of the stories we inherited, what does work mean and what are we creating?

As the decaying institutions on our planet continue to crumble, we can look up and see the storm passing as we feel the sun’s rays on our face. Each of us has an infinite capacity to dream, connect, create, collaborate, and make a difference in how we choose to show up in life, when we imagine what we need as it is already and has always been here.

When we stand still and reflect, we’re able to evaluate where we’ve been. This prepares us to be ready to integrate what is coming toward us, be it the next mountain to climb, storm to weather, or ocean to sail.

We become more loyal to our true selves when we adopt an opportunity mindset, as we are born with the ability not only to imagine but also to create what is possible. We can never be stuck when we are in flow and constant motion, ready to explore the horizon of possibilities.

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