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Natural Balance and Passion

Sep 15, 2022 | Daily Trek, F*ck the Bucket List

Natural Balance and Passion - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

The future path for us as a collective is one of partnership and collaboration around a passion. We have an opportunity to go out into the world and do things as conscious leaders and creators. 

By paying closer attention to our thoughts and consciously seeing the connections between our mind, heart, and body, we can become more sensitive and aware. Understanding how we function as individuals and what happens when we come together in community takes practice. 

How many of us can bring our individual purpose to mesh with the purposes of others? That is a key question conscious leaders and pioneers in our world are exploring and have explored for centuries.

There are certain aspects, like our DNA that we’re born with, that cannot be changed Every single person has his or her own signature that is unique and valuable and specific in character. 

In essence, you are who you are, and you can do the things you can do. For example, if you are born short, you are short. You can dream about being tall, but the reality is that you are short. 

So, isn’t it simpler to accept who you are? Try to find the value within your own DNA that you received. There are people of all varying heights and weights all over the world, each bringing our own unique value in our own special way, regardless of our body structure and looks.

You really do have everything inside of you, and there is no need to continue to look for answers outside of yourself. If more people find a way to learn to respect and see our own value, peace would prevail. 

It is so easy to lose our connection to our own value. When we have brown eyes, we may dream of having blue eyes. When we have black hair, we may wish we were blond. If we’re losing our hair and going bald, we probably dream of a full head of hair. 

For some reason, the emphasis on creating inner harmony and full acceptance of self is often missing and is a vital piece of our self-worth when stepping out into the world.

Inner balance comes when we are comfortable with the gifts and talents we have been given. We have yet to be able to import changes to our DNA. Anything we try to change artificially is not really authentic. 

When humans mess around with nature, it seems we always pay the price. When we bring forth artificial solutions that are unnatural, there are always consequences. 

As neuroscientist and healer, Dr. Natalie Leigh Dyer, reminds us, “Stillness is a requirement to know who we truly are. The many distractions of the world have seduced us into unconsciousness. However, we choose to distract ourselves. Allow yourself the stillness to experience the ever-present higher self, the watcher of the little you. This must be done in the Now. Calm the mind, the conditioned thought chatter, breathe fully, and just BE for a moment each day.”

Balance occurs when all of the natural ingredients of life fit together. You may be seeking stability and comfort in conformity. If you are not finding it and are in constant search mode, maybe it is time to explore another route?

As Homer expressed in The Odyssey, “You have to lose yourself to find yourself,” so don’t give up on your search, but be prepared to dig out your true self from the rubble and not leave your truth buried forever. Is it time to dig into your adventurous side and explore what’s possible?

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