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The Path of Trust

Nov 14, 2022 | Daily Trek, Trusted Relationships

Path of Trust - Ayelet Baron - Radical Trekking

It can be challenging to discern who we can trust these days on the path of trust. People make promises all the time. And sometimes, we may feel like we’re going crazy when words don’t match actions. Promises are easy to make and not everyone knows how to live up to them. 

And it starts with us and whether we are living up to our own promises for ourselves. Perhaps letting ourselves down creates chain reactions around us?

What we imagine, we create. When we are In our power, what’s most important is trust. Trusting ourselves means trusting our curiosity, trusting our heartbreaks, trusting our courage, trusting our authenticity and trusting our questioning. 

Life is not linear although we were told it was. Life is messy and is about how deeply we connect with ourselves and then, with each other. 

Trusting ourselves is an indicator of the quality of our life. The more we are on the path of trust, the more we explore and experiment. The less we trust, the more we find ourselves out of alignment and living with our fears. 

What if we are here to experience everything, including the let downs?  And the question is how deeply do we trust?

Can we trust that we can overcome heartbreaks and disappointments? Perhaps we can trust our heart to see the potential of taking another path of trust? And when things don’t work out the way we expected, can we trust that the hurt or pain we experience is here to help us get closer to our truth?

Not all relationships work out. We might assume we have shared purpose but when the rubber hits the road, we learn that there is zero alignment or agreement. And everything falls apart.

But what if it was meant to fall apart so we can understand the relationships that sustain us, including the one with ourselves? Maybe we learn who to trust fully and who to let go? Perhaps its divine grace to discern? 

Because when we do, we find ourselves in the present moment on the path of trusting who we are. Many of our heartbreaking experiences simply lead us to a healthy and expansive world of opportunities. Revealing the truth requires us to release and cleanse. What we do and say matters most now.

What if over the last few years, things simply fell apart as preparation for living our greatest opportunities now? 

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