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On Giving Yourself Permission to Be the Leader You Need

Nov 28, 2021 | Conscious Leadership, Daily Trek

Giving Yourself Permission - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

What if You Gave Yourself A Permission Slip?

We are moving through incredible times and there are decisions and choices to be made. And it’s very personal. No one has our answers because no one truly knows us, or our questions. There is a growing awareness that no one is coming to save any of us—that’s an old, dying story and a belief too many still hold on to. Could it be time to give ourselves permission to be the leaders we need? And it can simply start by living a healthy life of meaning and well-being.

There is a major transformation happening on the planet right now and it’s a time of choice and a question of whether you are aware that you have a choice to not only shift your perspective but your entire way of living, or simply stay in the drama that is playing on the world stage. After all, you get to choose which path you embark on because this is your life, and can also be a wild adventure. 

Fully stepping into your power can be overwhelming and yet, the healthiest way to approach the next five years depends on the choices you are courageous enough to make.

Is it Time to Give Ourselves Permission to Choose?

We are each much more than the personas—daughter, son, worker, parent, partner, taxpayer, patient, citizen, volunteer—we play in life. Until we go on our own journey and unlearn and un-condition from what no longer serves us, we stay trapped in a divided world, rather than choosing to spend our life writing healthy stories for ourselves and those around us. 

For me, this meant leaving a very successful career track where I could have made more money and had more influence. But I reached a breaking point where I started questioning everything, especially what success meant to me. I didn’t want to fight anymore and have my worth assessed by others. I didn’t need all the stuff I was told I needed to be content.

I started to see how broken the business world was where we couldn’t collaborate among functions and how we needed to take down the competition, while the son of the competitor who lost his job was on the same soccer team as the son of the guy who beat him on the sales field. Where were the values that were plastered on the walls of our offices in practice?

Until we truly value and love ourselves to the core, the rest is simply noise. It is easy to fall into the trap of trying to please all the people all the time and end up losing sight of ourselves. Self-worth can no longer be tied to what others think of us. 

There is Another Way

We each have an opportunity to take a hard look at ourselves and our ability to heal old wounds—and learn to forgive ourselves by doing our own work. Are you experiencing a wake-up call that is asking you to consider what’s important to you? Can you let go and open doors and windows to unknown destinations? 

By being leaders of our own lives, we will want to only do business with organizations that care about our well-being and have sustainable business practices that respect our natural resources, people and communities. Our choices will matter deeply.

In my heart, I know and am now committed to collaborating with conscious leaders who understand that there is another way and it’s not just living the values but caring about people, society, community and the planet. Leaders who are creating living systems and are walking away from the machines of misery that we created and inherited, which are still stuck in frameworks developed in 1911.

The businesses that will thrive in the future are ones that care deeply and create meaning by integrating technology that is valuable to build healthy systems, and not leading with the need to constantly innovate and be better than others. Communication, trust, connection and relationships are ancient technologies that are keys to reignite and build thriving communities.

And the reason these organizations will thrive is simple. It’s because when we become the leaders we need, we will make healthier choices and lead meaningful lives. When we are truly healthy and conscious, the organizations we chose to invest our lives in will need to be healthy and whole as well. No revolution is needed when we live in conscious awareness.

What if we created playgrounds instead of battlegrounds?

What permission are you gifting yourself?

November 2021. Majorca, Spain

Ayelet Baron


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