Working with Ayelet…

“It was a beautiful experience for me to go from reading your words, which resonate so strongly, to you directing them towards my unique experience….I realized there was still inner work I needed to do to remove the old paradigms that I have internalized over time.”—A note from B following a session with Ayelet

“While Ayelet is known for her business acumen, she is an amazing healer. She cared about me and helped me through a very challenging time in my life. I now have so much hope rather than feeling stuck and blaming the world for my problems. “—A note from G following a session with Ayelet

“Run, don’t walk to work with Ayelet. Our sessions transformed who I am at the core and I was lucky enough to read her new books early, which I now use as a reference guide.”—A note from R following a session with Ayelet


You’re in Transition

You know there’s more to life and are ready to trek into the unknown—you’re asking the hard questions and have a passion to blaze healthy trails. You have an opportunity to connect with me privately, online in a video chat on Mondays and Thursdays only. I offer assistance that I wish was available to me when I started on my journey. I have a unique ability to zero in on you from an objective perspective and help you become aware and address what’s most important to you. These sessions will dive deep, bringing issues, limiting beliefs, and whatever may be holding you back to the surface. Some prepare a list of questions to explore with me, others come with no expectations. Both approaches are equally as effective. A willingness to let the flow of what needs to be released come forth is all that is required to guide you through your transition.

You’re Health Focused

You’re looking for guidance in building trust, connection and community. Life is precious and valuable, but is it truly meaningful? Deep meaning can bring a healthy dimension to your life. I’m excited that you are on this journey with me and many others who have closed the manual we were given of how life is supposed to be. In this session, I help you become aware of what’s healthy and what’s toxic for your well-being. When you choose to stop and pause, you can actively and passionately start seeing a healthy path where you are fully aware of the source and value of what you consume—be it beliefs, people, food, or services. It’s as simple as knowing whether the food you’re bringing into your body was grown in healthy or toxic soil, and not making choices out of irrational fears—such as not feeling you’re good enough—and instead, through a deep trust and love of yourself becoming a conscious creator of your life. When you choose to listen to your own heartbeat, you cannot only hear your own but also the vibration of other heartbeats around you—vibrating in harmony. Book this session if you feel called to start on a healthy journey of a lifetime.


What to Expect from Individual Guided Sessions
Your curiosity and willingness to be brutally honest with yourself is foundational. These sessions are about unlocking you from whatever is holding you back so you can let go and make space in your life. Each session is unique and is customized to your needs. Your limiting beliefs like fear or resistance may show up. Your ability to surrender or trust may be addressed and shaken to the core. Becoming more conscious will be a result of going inward so you can discover for yourself the roots of everything with guided universal wisdom and healing.
How Often?
Most who work with me privately schedule bi-weekly sessions over 3-6 months. There is no formula or prescription for what you need; we co-create the rhythm together. What I have found is that it takes time to break habits so we will need to figure out what you need and what you can handle. Some people schedule on a needs basis. It’s important to allow time for healthy practices to yield a shift and to especially integrate whatever might happen during the session.
Zoom meetings are confidential and the sessions are recorded so you can listen to as often as you need. All rights to the recording of your session are yours.

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