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So Much is Possible

Sep 18, 2022 | Daily Trek, F*ck the Bucket List

So Much is Possible - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

So Much is Possible

Our outlook on life matters and helps us see that much is possible. Our mindset is one of our most precious resources, because it opens the window of our world. When we see everything as a problem, we will encounter many problems that distract us or stop us in our tracks. We may even feel that life is impossible. 

But when we are willing to see many opportunities, we will adopt the mindset of a creator—someone with the power to make things happen. And even if things don’t work out perfectly, it doesn’t really matter. Why? Because by experimenting, we get to test,  practice and explore the possible. Sometimes, we can even make the impossible, possible.  

We are simply aware that there is no destination in life—just life itself. And it’s up to us to come alive. No one can do it for us.

We can choose not to dwell on the past and focus on what went wrong. And we can also choose not to worry about what will happen in the future. Life is unpredictable and uncertain. There are so many factors that can influence it day to day, minute to minute or second to second. 

Everything is Here

The only thing we can count on is right now. And while many of us may be feeling overwhelmed, can we let go of all the stuff and stories our minds make up? Most of what we worry about rarely happens and yet we’ve been trained to worry. But what if we don’t need to suffer any longer? 

Can we spend time with animals and be reminded of the simple joys of life? Nature helps us grasp that change is constant and even welcomed during chaotic times. We don’t need to stay stuck when we can open ourselves up to what’s possible.

It’s exciting to explore possibilities. Isn’t it amazing that we can board a plane in one part of the world and in a few hours land in another country that we have never experienced? What is exciting is the journey, not the destination. What can be created through this journey of flying to another place in the world? We are no longer tourists, but purposeful adventurers and meaningful creators.

The travel industry is set up to sell illusions through enticing images of beautiful, exotic people drinking cocktails by the pool or running on sandy beaches or boardwalks. Their business is to create a fantasy that we will often dream about experiencing. Ask anyone to describe what a trip to Hawaii or Fiji would feel like and we will see how successful the travel industry has been in providing images for these destinations. It is a figment of our imagination to travel somewhere to be someone we are not.

Is it Possible to See Beyond the Horizon?

We can choose our own path, or we can have our story constructed for us. It’s always a choice. 

What if more of us traveled for our souls, and not to the hottest destinations? What happens when we listen to our heart and soul for guidance? What kind of experiences will we have? What people will we encounter?

When you travel a lot, you realize that horizons stop being a geographic location. They take on a different dimension. 

Taking a trip to fulfill your soul’s mission crosses the horizon of your imagination. Geographic locations may simply be opportunities to gain new perspectives and revelations through the experience of different cultures and traditions. These encounters bring new insight and understanding that feed your soul to become more whole and help you find ways to lift and shift yourself and others.


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