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Power of Questioning

Jan 19, 2023 | Daily Trek, Unlearn

Power of Questioning - Radical Trekking - Ayelet Baron

The Power of Questioning

Without the power of questioning, we might accept things at face value.

What if it was revealed that we each came here to create something of value for ourselves and humanity? And perhaps we would wake up every morning giddy with excitement to engage (not face) the day?

Maybe everything we need to create this experience is already here? By experimenting and being in diverse situations, we would know who our trusted partners are. Because we would learn and unlearn the power of questioning everything; including our relationships. 

And materializing dreams would be possible because we would create around a shared intention, purpose and trek. What is the craziest thing we dream of? Do we know what would fill us with joy, wonder with grace?

Are We Ready for the Power of Questioning?

Imagine what we could bank instead of materialism. What if harmony and human connection was valued more than the state of our economies, GDP or the threat of war? And what about understanding how connected we are and learning how to truly share our gifts without having to take anyone down? 

Is there joy and happiness in not chasing material success? Maybe there’s a healthy state of abundance in being and having enough? 

What if we became aware of natural and universal laws and allowed ourselves to flow more into the unknown? What if we embraced uncertainty more than safety, certainty and predictability?

For anyone who is still hiding under the covers not ready to face the day, is this an opportunity to come out of hiding? Maybe we can choose to step into the light and be seen just as we are?

Unlocking Universal Laws

Is it possible to change our daily routines by tapping into our curiosity and exploring unfamiliar paths? Can we envision our healthiest experiences and connect with people who share them? Maybe the only thing we choose to sugarcoat is our baked goods?

When we move from believing that everything is linear and free ourselves, we can create with the Universe in a unified field of possibilities. Our wildest dreams are here; they have always been here (even under the covers). 

We can either flow with life or resist it. What if we choose to cultivate our inner world and allow our energy to radiate outward so we are in power of living our healthiest life? What if we each came here to create something of value for ourselves and humanity?

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